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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Critical Mass Shows Their Ass

The self-righteous and egotistical members of Critical Mass - the asses that ride their widdle bicycles and protest with a holier-than-thou aggressive attitude - were arrested in downtown Minneapolis Friday, August 31. Some of them were pepper sprayed by the police. Too bad it's not legal to toast these ass-hats with a flame thrower.

From WCCO:

    Minneapolis Police arrested 17 adults and 2 juveniles during a monthly bicycle protest Friday night.

    Hundreds of bicycles filled the streets of downtown Minneapolis starting at 6:30 p.m., as part of the Minnesota Critical Mass movement. According to a website maintained by the group, Critical Mass "is, more than anything else, a reclamation of space, a demonstration to show that the city belongs to people and not machines."

    The group rides in Minneapolis on the last Friday of every month, according to Minneapolis Police Deputy Chief Rob Allen. Police have been monitoring the rides, and at times, escorting the bicyclists to protect them from the traffic the bicyclists are attempting to block.

    The trouble started Friday night with one bicyclist.

    "Somebody was driving straight at cars," said Deputy Chief Allen.

    Police tried to arrest that bicyclist on Hennepin Avenue, but were unsuccessful. In a videotape of the incident provided by a friend of one of the bicyclists, the crowd grew vocal and restless as officers tried to make the arrest. "What's the charge? What's the charge?" the group chanted.

    According to Police, the bicyclist escaped back into the mass of riders. Officers made another attempt at an arrest on LaSalle Street, not far from Loring Park, at 7:15 p.m. Friday.

    "There were individuals physically trying to pull officers off the individual under arrest," said Deputy Chief Allen. That's when the officers called for backup, and at least 50 squad cars responded to the scene.

    On the videotape provided to WCCO-TV, an officer is seen spraying pepper spray at some of the bicyclists. According to Allen, that was warranted, because the bicyclists were being aggressive and refusing to back away from the arrest scene.

    "They were set upon by a large group who started fighting with the officers," he said.

    But Matt Houston, a bicyclist from Florida, paints a different picture. "I got pepper sprayed in the face, in my eyes, I couldn't see anything," said Houston. He maintains the police were provoking the riders.

    The "officer was basically trying to intimidate everybody there," according to Houston. "This just really exemplifies why I don't respect police officers, because they don't respect members of the general populace."

    Allen said most of the people arrested will be charged with third degree riot. According to Minnesota statute, that's defined as "when three or more persons assembled disturb the public peace by an intentional act or threat of unlawful force or violence to person or property." The maximum penalty is one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

F*ck Matt Houston and others of his ilk. It should be legal to run over these misanthropes with your car or truck until they're dead or severely injured. Then put the tranny in reverse and run over them again. Their aim is to disrupt vehicular traffic for no other reason than they apparently were not breast-fed as children or were left to sit in a poopy diaper, thus they desperately seek attention. F*ck 'em, they should rot in a jail cell.

Afterthought: I wonder how Matt Houston traveled from Florida to Minnesota? On his tricycle? Certainly he didn't use any mode of transportation that used vicious, vile and evil fossil fuels.


been looking at this story this weekend and it never fails to astound how these little dirt worshippers defeat themselves at every turn. As a cyclist and the driver of a big bad SUV, this little topic and these little shitsticks get unusually deep under my skin. I LOVE that we have so many bike paths and lanes in this city and really wonder why the hell these fucktards don't use them. I can't count how many times I've nearly clobbered one of these fuckers with my bugflector while they were flying through an intersection (where they have the stop sign) with a cell phone glued to one hand and are giving me the single finger salute with the other. AND a complete and total disregard for the rules of the road, being that if you have wheels on it, motorized or not, you are considered a vehicle. Christ do these little bastards piss me off....makes me chuckle even more that I 'caused' a 3 bicycle pileup a few weeks ago by FOLLOWING THE RULES OF THE ROAD, which is something that the three self-absorbed fucktards on bikes failed to do.
Hi Shawn, thanks for the comment. I noticed that I am on your blogroll. Thank you much, I will add you to mine in a day or so - just a bit pressed for time at the moment.

I agree with you on the attitude of the riders. If they would drop the holier than thou attitude, and followed the rules of the road, and STAY IN THE G-D bike lane instead of riding in the car lane - they wouldn't be thought of in the negative terms that both you and I write about.

Thanks for commenting and visiting. Keep in touch.
will do, and thanks for your take on (fill in the blank)
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