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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amy Klobuchar Says "You're Dumb"

Similar to Democrat presidential candidate Mike Gravel saying "Americans are dumber and fatter," U.S. Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar believes we are too stupid to select a cell phone and cell phone carrier.

Klobuchar has introduced a "Cell Phone Bill of Rights":

    Minnesota DFL U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar [held] a forum Monday in Golden Valley about legislation she is sponsoring to protect cell phone consumers.

    Klobuchar says the legislation was prompted by complaints she gets from constituents about poor service and unexpected fees from cell phone companies. Klobuchar is calling her initiative a "Bill of Rights" for cell phone consumers.

Democrat Nanny Senator Jay Rockefeller is a proponent of this bill:

    Speaking on the Senate floor last Friday, Klobuchar said it's time to level the playing field in the cell phone contract game. "Early termination fees are a family budget buster," she said. "Families should be able to terminate service without outrageous fees and know if their cell phone will work on their drives and in their home and office."

Just as I suspected, this intervention of government between consumer and private business arose from one of her idiot constituents who takes no personal responsibility for their free choice in choosing a cell phone carrier that, after the fact, found he or she couldn't call "X" without a roaming charge or that didn't read the penalties for early termination. The moron constituent - upon learning of such horror of horrors - felt duped and just had to abdicate any personal responsibility and look to the Democrats to protect them. Idiots...all idiots. God help us if people like this produce offspring.


Simply because one is aware of early termination fees does not ensure that a person will not run into problems with their cell phone/provider before the contract is up. I do not get cell phone reception in my home. When I moved in I was locked into a 2 year contract and cannot afford to terminate it. I can't even dial 911 if something happens. The cell phone companies should be regulated by a higher power. In my lifetime I will pay over 50,000 dollars to cell phone companies. I feel a price tag like that should buy a little accountability from my carrier.
Reading the contract and the termination fees are part of any consumer's or customer's responsibility. You want the Nanny state to absolve you of your part of that contract. That's both sad and lame.

If you're going to pay over $50K to the cell phone companies in your lifetime you either made the wrong choice in providers or are talking on a cell phone way too much.

You have a free markets of several cell phone carriers to select service. But no, you don't want to do the footwork, you want the govt to protect you.

Sorry, but I couldn't disagree with you more.
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