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Thursday, August 16, 2007

St. Paul's Property Tax Hike
Orchestrated By Architects Of Failure

Did you know that the city of St. Paul, Minnesota is being ruined by its Architects of Failure? It is! A few names of The Architects of Failure include St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Council Members Dave Thune, Jay Benanav, Dan Bostrom and Queen Bee of Social Engineering, anti-smoking Nazi/Gadfly/Pest Jeanne Weigum.

St. Paul Kommissar Chris Coleman; Council Member Dan Bostrom

Faced with a budget deficit from years of foolishly and lavishly spending revenue, St. Paul,
Mayor Kommissar Chris Coleman is ready and willing to raise the property taxes of St. Paul residents by 14%.

City Council Member Dan Bostrom said this would be the largest increase he's ever seen on his 12 years on the council. What's wrong with that last sentence? Can you guess? Why is anyone - Conservative or Liberal - doing on any city council for twelve years? You get the government you elect to office and apparently St. Paul keeps electing the same Tax and Spenders each election cycle.

Dave "Toothy Grin
'TRUST ME'" Thune is another "lifer" on the St. Paul City Council. Of Coleman's proposed 14% property tax increase, "Trust Me" Thune said, "this is probably the most courageous budget message I've ever heard. Do we want to stop investing in our infrastructure and stop providing for our kids, or are we going to suck it up and see what we have to do?" He's funny - that "Toothy Grin Thune" fellow, for he said the same thing in August, 2006, when Coleman proposed and the council approved increases in property taxes "[shows] more courage and imagination than any budget I've seen in the last 20 years." Thune sounds like a broken record, or a gouged CD.

Courageous? No, there's nothing courageous about raising taxes. It takes courage to cut taxes, to cut and gut superfluous social programs. It takes courage to say no to tax hikes instead of taking more and more money out of the pockets of longtime community residents. Why do you St. Paulites keep re-electing the likes of Thune? He wets his pants with glee, in an orgiastic nirvana, every time the city takes more of what you earn. What is wrong with the voters of St Paul?

Dave "Toothy Grin 'Trust Me'" Thune - self-admitted 3 pack of cigarettes per day smoker

"Investment" is an overused and simplistic euphemism that Liberals use in place of "get ready to turn over more of your hard-earned money to us because we can't stop spending."

Coleman says the property tax hike is because St. Paul didn't receive the state funding it expected whined for earlier this year. Isn't that sad? Shouldn't we weep once again for Coleman's disastrous financial mismanagement of the city?

As a city, St. Paul was in pretty decent financial shape when its mayor was now U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, who was a Democrat before he switched parties and became a Republican. Many, including myself, still think Norm Coleman (no relation to Kommissar Coleman) still harbors a lot of Liberal blood in him.

After Norm, St. Paul elected Randy Kelly as its Mayor. Kelly was one of those rare breeds of being rather a Conservative Democrat when it came to spending, taxes and - GASP - not being a Little Eichmann on the issue of cigarette smoking. If memory serves, he twice vetoed a city no-smoking proposal realizing that smokers spend money in bars and restaurants. Kelly lost his re-election bid to Chris Coleman. How are you St. Paul voters feeling about that today?

St. Paul City Council Member Jay Benanav, another big time happy Tax and Spender, said the ["financial aid] onus is absolutely on [Minnesota Governor] Tim Pawlenty," in determining whether to burden St. Paul homeowners with a large property tax increase." No it isn't. The onus is on you, Jay, Kommissar Coleman and all the other members of the city council. Benanav is clearly passing the buck, afraid to take any personal responsibility for his joyous Tax and Spend mentality, resorting to finger pointing and blaming others. He exemplifies classic, textbook Democrat behavior. The "Burden" of St. Paul taxpayers is due to only one thing: the inability of Kommissar Coleman and the City Council to control spending.

Jay Benanav - doesn't he look like the incestuous offspring of Jerry Seinfeld and his sister ?

The City Council has raised property taxes in both the past two years. 3 percent in 2006, which translated into $1.9 million dollars and by 8.5 percent - $5.5 million dollars - this year. The problem St. Paul has isn't that it doesn't receive adequate funding. The problem is the Liberal Elites that govern St. Paul cannot and will not stop spending other people's money.

Hey - here's an idea for St. Paul. Keep importing refugees from other countries, who don't speak a word of English, who have no discernible labor skills for employment, and give them free housing, free food, free medical care, free education and free bus passes. Then, drive businesses to relocate out of the city limits because of onerous taxes. Then, force bars and restaurants out of business by banning cigarette smoking. Instead, keep building and funding things like recreation centers and dog parks, both of which St. Paul has gone beyond overboard. Then, when you find yourself in a huge hole of a budget crisis, created by the city "leaders", just assess the good, hardworking citizens of St. Paul with burdensome and arduous property tax increases. Why, I've just describe the Liberal policies of Kommissar Coleman and the St. Paul City Council!

The residents of both St. Paul and Minneapolis get screwed over and over again by Liberal politicians who cannot control spending or live within a city budget. When will St. Paul residents vote these Tax Happy Spenders out of office? St. Paul voters made a catastrophic mistake when they voted out Randy Kelly and elected Kommissar Coleman. You get the government you elect.

Remember, Kommissar Coleman is the man who said, "No one is going to go out of business because of [St. Paul's no-smoking policy]." Uh-huh, yeaaaaaaaah - riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Care to retract those words? I'd imagine not.

More reading about the St. Paul City Circus:

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It's vitally important that St. Paul has its own city Poet Laureate.

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The State should pay off St. Paul's Xcel Center Debt? I don't think so.

St Paul and Minneapolis Mayors Beg State For Money.


Quotes and details for the above post are gathered from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, aka Twincities.com. The stories may require you to sign up (for free) in order to read them:

"Coleman threaten 14% hike in property taxes," August 14, 2007
"Coleman makes his pitch; More taxes, more cops, fewer rec centers for kids," August 15, 2007

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1-"RT" stands for Re-Tarded

2- doesn't he look like the incestuous offspring of Jerry Seinfeld and his sister

3- Toothy Grin

is that all you do is take pot shots at people?
Yes, that's all I do is take "pot-shot" at people, and I do it well. Thank you for noticing!

You're not Nick The Commie Coleman, are you Anony?
David: I think your "snarky" descriptions of these commie-crat politicians is right on the money. Don't ever change!

And I'm not afraid tmo use my real name either, pussy-nonymous.
Thanks KM. I'll never change. And that's a good thing.
We have an opportunity to replace the toothy grinner on september 11 when we all get out and vote in the primary election.... what are your thoughts on the two candidates running for Dave's seat?
I haven't found much to read on who is running against Toothy Grin Trust Me Thune. If you know of where to get some info on his challengers let me know.
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