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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Politicalization Of The I-35W Bridge:
It's Not The Infrastructure, Stupid!

The politicalization of the bridge collapse by Liberals is in full force. Callers to Liberal Radio's Stephanie Miller program voiced their concern that the bridge collapsed because the Right Wingers in Minnesota are more concerned with preventing gay marriage than maintaining the infrastructure. Nothing could be further from the truth, but for those fully infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome facts will not trump their deluded beliefs.

The bridge passed inspections in 2006 and 2005 and no structural defects were found. So take your politically motivated bias and shut up. Instead, donate blood or donate money - and if you can't do that - just shut up. If you can't help, shut up. Just STFU.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed a proposed Democrat tax hike for transportation of 5 cents per gallon of gas for highways. Are Liberals saying that if that tax hike had been approved the bridge collapse wouldn't have happened? Idiots...complete idiots lacking the ability to think through any type of logical process.

Democrats and Liberals in Minnesota have neglected roads, freeways and bridges for years and instead favored mass transit. Democrats and Liberals in Minnesota have neglected roads, freeways and bridges and instead put public taxpayer money into ballpark stadiums. Democrats and Liberals in Minnesota have raided the per-gallon of gasoline tax and used that money for non-road, non-freeway and non-bridge projects.

The bridge has been called "structurally deficient" - wow, there's a loaded term. This does not mean the bridge is unsafe. It's been reported that the bridge suffered from fatigue cracks. This does not mean it was unsafe or had reached a point of collapse.

Stephanie Miller, 35 minutes into the third hour of her program:

    "This is Katrina all over again."

It's not the infrastructure, Stupid!

A caller to Miller's program, 36 minutes into hour three:

    "Roads have never been worse than they are now."

Really? Never? So - roads were better in 1920 or 1940 than they are now? Idiot! Moron! Fool! Basket-Case!

It's not the infrastructure, Stupid!

49 minutes into the third hour Sissy Lavoie (on Miller's program) said he called the president the "MF word," during President Bush's news conference this morning.

It's not the infrastructure, Stupid!

These are three prime examples of Ultimate Bush Derangement Syndrome; Blind and Delusional Liberalism run amok.

If one wants to play politics, Minneapolis has been ruled by Liberals for decades. If one wants to play politics, one need look no further than the unelected and appointed Liberals who run the Metropolitan Council. If one wants to play politics, perhaps instead of taxing Hennepin County residents for a new ballpark for the benefit of Minnesota Twins billionaire
owner Carl Pohlad, the Democrat elites that govern Minneapolis should be spending tax revenue on infrastructure like bridges and roads.

Miller will feel better after she drinks a couple boxes of wine. Lavoie will feel better after he's had a few sessions of being a pig on a spit. Jowly Jim Ward will feel better after eating nine or ten ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen and a dozen cheesecakes.

8 minutes into the start of his program, Ed Schultz:

    "The [president's] response to white Minneapolis is different than the response to black New Orleans."

Along with what is nothing more than political machinations, Schutlz plays the Race Card. Pathetic, disgusting, revolting and loathsome.

It's not the infrastructure, Stupid!

Ed, get drunk and shoot your dog...again. You'll feel better.

(Left to Right): Miller, LaSissy, Ward, Schultz

The cause for the bridge collapse is not yet known. Jumping to conclusions, blaming people based on their political ideology and cooking up conspiracy theories doesn't do one damn thing to help.

Partisan Democrat Senator Harry Reid said "We have -- all over the country -- crumbling infrastructure, highways, bridges, dams, and we really need to take a hard look at this."

It's not the infrastructure, Stupid!

It's only a matter of time until the Liberals falsely label this situation, "an epidemic."

If what Reid says is true - and it isn't - then bridges should be collapsing one after the other across the entire country and they are not. If what Reid says is true - and it's not - then roads, highways and freeways should be vaporizing into dust and gravel as we drive over them. This is not happening.

It doesn't take long for Democrats to hump on tragedy for their own political exploitation, does it?

EMTs and First Responders who could not help those that were trapped stayed with those individuals until they died. Some used their cell phones to call relatives to say their last good-byes.

No one has the right to play the political blame game right now. Well, except the Democrats; for them this is another entitlement issue.

The bridge passed structural inspections in both 2006 and 2005 - this fact cannot be repeated enough.

If you didn't know, almost all types of construction are awarded to the lowest bidder. Bridges, roads, residential and commercial buildings, water towers - all awarded to the lowest bidder. Our lives and safety are awarded to the lowest bidder. If this is to be changed - and I'm not saying it shouldn't - get ready to pay more taxes.

The Democrats who are using this incident as a political tactic are the lowest life forms to ever exist. They are a notch below child molesters and rapists.


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Democrats are going to use this as a political isue like Hugh Grant uses wet whores.

Your writing on this is right on th money.
You just got to love Harry "Milky" Reid's comment about crumbling infrastructure, highways and bridges. Ole Milky sees an opportunity here. Milky will gladly approve unlimited tax payer financing of any bridge or highway that results in a giant increase in the value of any property that he has an interest in or owns. Yay Milky.

The DailyKommie crowd has wasted no time in saying George Bush did it. Now according to these idiots, Georgie is so stupid as to be mentally incapacitated. Yet somehow he is the head of an evil organization that masterminded the WTC tragedy and used weather machines to create hurricane Katrina and launch it at New Orleans. So which is it? Retard or evil mastermind? You can't have both. Of course it is likely that Cheney used his hyper-ionizing inter-dimensional super evil mind ray to collapse the bridge. I sit here shaking my head ruefully.

Of course neither Milky, the Dumbasscrats, or the DailyKommie crowd are capable of understanding why the bridge collapse tragedy occurred. These idiots need to shut the 'f' up and step aside to allow the people with the real brains, the engineers, to conduct a valid investigation as to the cause. It is in this way that the art and science of civil engineering can be advanced so as to improve existing bridges and advance the design and safety of new bridges. This is how to prevent the tragic loss of lives that occur when these structures collapse not through mindless accusations and ridiculous conspiracy theories.
Thanks Benny - appreicate your comments. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
I agree with you, Molson.

Jumping to a conclusion that serves the Liberal agenda has never stopped them before and the bridge collapse is no different.

It is amazing how Bush is dumb as a chimp, according to the Left - but he sure manages to pull off some stellar "evil plots" as you say, with 9-11 and now the bridge.

No one on the Left (and to be fair, the Right or the Middle) really jumped on the word "infrastructure" until this happened, and now this is all we hear from the Democrats who use this tragedy for exploitative purposes.

Thanks for your insight and visiting, as always.
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