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Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Hit News

Bad weather and rain stalls I-35W Minneapolis bridge search for victims. Number of dead reaches 11. West Central Tribune
- - - - -
Peru earthquake dead toll over 500, 127 bodies recovered from church. BBC
- - - - -

Jamaica, Haiti brace for Dean. CNN

"I'm going to Haiti, and Jamaica, and the Caymans, and Cuba, and Florida, and maybe East Texas and Cancun! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrryiiiiiiiyeaaah!"
- - - - -
Top political staffer - aide for Democrat candidate Bill Richardson resigns citing he worked for a brothel and has felony warrant in California. USA Today - (oh those law-abiding Democrats!)
- - - - -
Terrorists and insurgents tracking down and harassing families of soldiers. Copenhagen Post
- - - - -
David Chalmers, Texas oil executive pleads guilty in United Nations Oil-For-Food Scandal. AP - And in case you missed it and the MSM hasn't yet drilled it into your head, he's an "oil executive," a "big oil executive", he's a "oil honcho" in Texas - where Bush is from. See...Texas, Oil, Bush! Get it? Do you understand? Has the MSM drilled this fact into your head? The man was a "OILMAN from TEXAS".
- - - - -
Arkansas law allows children and infants to marry. AP - Bill Clinton quickly moves back to Little Rock, declares Arkansas his legal state of residence, taking out Personals Ad "seeking to marry young, very very very young girl."
- - - - -

New technology in plastic bubbles will save us. Copenhagen Post
- - - - -
Moose brings down switching station cutting off phone and internet services. Aftenposten

"Guess I don't know my own strength!"
- - - - -
The latest, most annoying "in your face" celebrity that the MSM will push on the public until we puke our guts out because we're sick of him and then he'll turn to heroin to dull the sadness and eventually OD. Time

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