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Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Personal Willpower?
Start Your Own Crusade!

Citizens For Community Values Fights Hotel In-Room, Pay-Per-View Adult Movies:

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota - A Cincinnati-based conservative group led by a former porn addict wants to purge hardcore pay-per-view movies from the nation's hotel rooms, and it took its nationwide fight Thursday to the hometown of LodgeNet Entertainment. Citizens For Community Values (CCV) is pressuring LodgeNet - a publicly traded Sioux Falls company that provides television, on-demand movies and Internet access to 1.8 million rooms in 9,300 hotel properties across the U.S., Canada and Mexico - to stop offering porn through its in-room pay-per-view service. Phil Burress, president of Citizens For Family Values, said he believes some of the movies are prosecutable under federal law.

The easiest and most controllable remedy for those who don't want to view such movies is to not order the movies while staying at a hotel.

I don't doubt that CCV's heart is in the right place, but - like all groups that want to "do something for everyone" - they are misguided on so many levels.

As long as the individuals viewing these movies are adults, and consenting adults at that, and as long as the movie actors/performers are of legal age and consenting adults, I don't see a problem.

If someone is forced to view these movies, then it becomes an issue that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

If performers in the movies are under the legal age, then this also can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Is Mr. Burress afraid he may find himself in a hotel room being tempted to order one of these pay-per-view movies? If so, his problem is one of self-willpower - something many of us have, whether its a recovering alcoholic in a setting where liquor is served or any other addiction - and something only Burress can control or not.

Just because Burress "believes" some of these movies may be prosecutable under federal law doesn't mean this is true. I'd imagine court challenges brought by CCV against the hotels offering these movies or the movie producers will bear this out.

There is a societal "common good" that exists, but more often than not, the instances are far fewer than we are led to believe. Regulations and laws for vehicle and airplane safety are two examples of protecting a majority of people. Elevator inspections are good. Food and Drug testing for safety is a good idea. Product safety standards is another. Flame retardant children's pajamas is another. UL (Universal Laboratories) testing and rating of electrical cords is another. But banning hotel pay-per-view adult movies for adults who voluntarily choose to watch them?

My view on this issue is the "small L"-Libertarian in me. Usually its a Lefty Group that seeks to legislate the "do something for everyone" common-good ideology; the so-called "levelling the playing field" mentality of the Left.

Willpower is a funny and unique thing. Some of have it, some of us don't. Some of us have it sometimes, and other times it may momentarily escape us. It's not the job of government to nanny us with our own, personal willpower issues. If Burress questions his willpower and ability to not order pay-per-view adult movies in a hotel room, it's his problem to deal with, not the responsibility of society. And again - to repeat - as long as adult entertainment is not breaking laws regarding the age of those in the film. And of course, no harm to animals and livestock.


Interesting... so should the hotels also stop offering wifi?

I was on vacation this last week with free wifi for my laptop. I used it to check emails, my checking account and post a couple of pictures of the ocean.

I could have easily searched for and viewed porn... even live-action. So I'm thinking they should start banning wifi as well... who's to say this "addict" won't bring his laptop with him, turn on the wireless and away he goes.

Wait a minute... hell... he could bring a phone cord, check out the local phone numbers for aol and STILL GET ON-LINE PORN.

Maybe they should ban phones in hotel room as well... that way he can't plug in to dial up internet.

Hmmm... what about the electrical outlets... I'm sure there's something he could do with those as well.

Oh hell... my room even had a DVD player. He needs to ban DVD players as well because he might bring a DVD with him and... watch it!!

The horror!!

Clearly this man needs to be locked up in jail for his own protection.
Bug!!!! You're giving folks like that too many ideas: banning wifi, DVD players, etc etc. Stop it!!!!!!! ;-)

I've seen some of the images you've posted on your trip. They are very nice. What kind of camera are you using?
Kodak something-or-other. You know... not too expensive, not to cheap... just right there in the middle.

Is that a political statement as well? Not sure.

As to not giving anyone ideas... I'm sure they've thought of them already but the difference is... I am joking and they are serious.

Scary, huh.
It is strictly digital or old-style hard copy 35mm as well?
No... for shame!! I wanted to be a photographer when I was a teenager... and digital was not imagined as far as I know.

My son was given a beautiful "regular/normal" 35 mm camera that he has not used because it's "too hard".

I think I'll have him "give" it to me as a present so I can do a little "real" photo taking.

I saw a lady taking a picture with a 35 mm and I almost asked if I could take a picture of her doing it. :o)
Thanks. I'm a bit of a purist in that I like 35mm as a format. Nothing against digitial - I like that too and some digi cameras put out some beautiful high resolution images. I like both - but I have an affinity for the real 35mm cameras. Digis are nice for the convenience of taking the picture and, if you dont like the results, can delete it and take another without wasting a picture. The digi convenience of uploading it and bypassing a scanner is also nice.

Molson, if you read this, what kind of camera do you use for the shots you post on your blog?
I use a 4 MP Canon Powershot A80. It's a bit long in the tooth now, but it was cheap to buy and works well enough for my purposes. The Rockies are awful tough on cameras of all types so I don't like to have too much invested. I also like to have a digital camera so I know what I am getting at anytime. On one CO trip, my old 35mm camera ceased to function and I came back with zero usable photos. I didn't find out the camera 88'ed on me until I the film was developed. I would like to get a digital SLR so I could take better photos, but I don't have the skills or the money for that right now. The A80 will have to soldier on for now.

Please note that the few photos of Longs Peak, Estes cone, and Twin Sisters were taken with a disposable camera. I scanned the photos using an ancient Apple Color One scanner I rescued from the scrap pile. The quality of those photos is not so good.
I just realised that some of the photos of Longs posted on my blog were taken with my digital camera. The shots of Longs from Chasm Lake were recent (within the last couple of years) and were taken with the Canon A80. The older shots taken from the top of Longs in 1998 were taken with the disposable camera. I also remembered that the panorama shot of Sayres was taken with my friend's old Canon S200 which is no longer with us due to an unfortunate unprotected fall. As I said the mountains are hard on cameras. What is truely unfortunate however is that my blog is somewhat lame. I put very little effort into posting it and I do not update it as frequntly as I should. I have even been so lazy as to use one of the canned blogspot themes. I know enough of HTML that I should be able to make my own theme. Such laziness.
Hey Molson - thanks for the camera info. I think the photos you post on your blog are beautiful.

My template too is a blogspot theme. Someday I may get around to changing it, but I've seen "pretty" blogs with no content. I prefer to spend my time on creating good (or at least controversial for the Libs) content. Some may disagree on my content, but that's a subjective thing.

You take and post good photos! Keep at it.
I'm back... mine is a Kodak EasyShare 3.1 (not super high quality) CX6330. One of these days I'm going to buy a better one but for now, this will have to do. I have noticed that as time goes by, some of my pictures are not as good as in the past.

I'm wondering if that's because I just continually delete off this chip and keep using it over and over again. Hmmm...

By the way... I don't know where else to put this... I have a "census" on my blog (I don't want to call it a poll... you know how much I hate those).

Anyway... it's just for fun if you feel like censusing about talkshow hosts. Anyone else is welcome to join in since so far only one person has voted. I wonder who that was? :o)
Thanks DD. I will post more photos. Just make sure you keep trashing libs. No one does it better than you as you always back-up what you say with excellent research and facts. Two things liberals hate most.

Now I need to take a trip to CO to get some more material. I'm in the planning stage now. The plan so far is throw gear in truck. Drive truck to CO. Find a mountain and climb it. Pretty detailed isn't it? The A80 is ready to go, but I'm not sure my fat arse is.
hey Bug - thanks for the camera info! I'm sure you saw Molson's comments on his camera. He takes some real nice photos, as you do.

I'm on my way over to partake in your census!
"Just make sure you keep trashing libs."

I will Molson, I will. thank you for your encouragement and kind words!

Have fun hiking and hike safe!
Thanks for the vote... silly me I made a post AFTER you made your comment in another post. And of course my post was to make a place for people to make comments about the question in question during voting.

If you like... I could copy over your comment to this new post... or if you have nothing else to do with your time, you could go back and redo it. Doesn't that sound like a blast!
Whatever you wanna do on that comment is up to you - really, whatever the least effort for ya is fine by me.
Well... if you wouldn't mind making a comment in the new post... that would be wonderful. :)
anything for you Bug!
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