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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Liberal All-Female Talk Radio
Bites The Big One Dust

Yep, no more Liberal All-Female Talk Radio:

    After two years of building a full slate of live, female-targeted Talk programming, GreenStone Media is preparing to discontinue operations effective Aug. 17. Only about eight affiliates cleared the programming in mostly mid-size and smaller markets, hardly enough to sustain the network.

    “This is a longer and more expensive process than an independent programming company can shoulder in today’s turbulent marketplace,” said Susan Ness, president and CEO of Greenstone Media and former FCC Commissioner. “We’ve found growing interest in the radio marketplace and on other platforms, but we can’t responsibly predict success in a future near enough to match our investors’ resources.”

"Oh, Dat's So Sad!"

Hey - maybe they can force their voices upon us via the Fairness Doctrine! Yeah, that's it - force us to listen to you!

Why, I just can't imagine why people wouldn't want to listen to such lovely, shrill voices as Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem - two of the co-founders of "GreenStone Media". Why, according to their press release of September 13 - although the link doesn't state the year, I believe it was 2005 - there was supposed to be such an audience for PMS-induced talk radio.

From their press release:

    "This launch represents a new day in media -- a day in which radio for women, by women is a reality on the radio dial," said GreenStone board member Jane Fonda. "According to our research, there is an enormous market opportunity out there of women looking for smart and engaging talk radio. With very little programming that really targets women on the radio, our approach addresses a real need in the marketplace."


    "Radio continues to be one of our most personal and portable links to the world, making us part of a larger community," said GreenStone board member Gloria Steinem. "It is a constant companion at work, in the car or as we multi-task in our busy lives. It connects us to current events and issues important to both women and men. GreenStone's programming reflects the personal conversations women have every day -- engaging, intelligent and insightful discussions delivered with humor and warmth. We encourage women everywhere to tune in at http://www.greenstonemedia.net and talk, listen and connect with us."

Well Jane, Glo - I guess there wasn't an "enormous market opportunity", was there? I guess you didn't quite capture an audience that cared to listen to your "engaging, intelligent and insightful discussion, delivered with humor and warmth."

Warm fuzzies and group hugs for all the nags. Anyone for a "good cry"?

"Oh, oh, oh, oh...Dat's So Sad!"


This could be the result of convergent market forces and the general mood of the public, combined with right-wing malfeasance.

Or, they could just suck really bad.
Oh, no doubt the VRWC secretly coerced America to NOT listen to All Estrogren Radio, thus it's downfall.

Good to hear from you JimmyB. Be well, take care my friend.
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