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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jim Ward Without A Script

Advancing yet another unsubstantiated and unproven conspiracy theory this morning was none other than sad-sack sidekick Jowly Dim Jim Ward, on Liberal Talk Radio's Stephanie Miller program.

Jowly Dim Jim said there was a story on the internet saying there was a large hole on part of the I35-W bridge and now...AND NOW that web page is gone! Whoooooooooooa...GASP! That must mean nothing but a conspiracy. What other possible explanation could there be but a direct and qualified connection to a conspiracy?

Never mind that that millions of web sites - after a certain amount of time, some after only a few days - remove stories from a specific URL. Oh, don't let facts get in the way of the certainty of the conspiracy theories you so desperately want to believe in Dim...I mean, Jim.

Jowly Dim Ward - no conspiracy too absurd for him to believe.

If you've heard Dim on the Miller program then you know that the man cannot speak extemporaneously. He can't construct a coherent thought unless he's reading from a script and then it's only 50-50 odds he'll get through it smoothly.
Below is how Dim sounds when speaking without a script. Click on the Play button to hear Dim Jim Ward without a script.

Voice is impersonated. Or...is it?

It's sadly funny how the only conspiracy theories Dim believes are those that happened after the Clinton-Gore terms. How about a good conspiracy about the Murrah Building and the Oklahoma City bombing?

The Truth About The Oklahoma City Bombing
The Oklahoma City Bombing
Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-Up

Oh - wait, like I said, the only conspiracies Dim Ward believes in are those that occurred after Clinton-Gore.



With all due respect, you belittle a guy who believes in wild conspiracy theories with scant evidence, yet you believe in a number of other "theories" yourself...

Do you update your blog from beneath the Denver Airport?
The difference is I only believe in the conspiracies that can be fully blamed on the Left, for they are the most parasitic people on earth.

Great, thanks for giving away my secret location for blogging, damn you! Looks like I'll have to relocate to Area 51 now.
Well said. If it's anti-left, I'm in favor of it.
And I am most definately NOT blogging from a secret location, deep under Area 51. I most certainly am not!

"Hey, space alien, how about a refill on my Bacardi Diet Coke and re-stock the hookah pipe while you're at it."

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