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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Democrat Candidates "Cool", Crowd Swelters

The Seven Idiot Dwarfs (L to R): Chubby, Smoker, Dipshit, Cuntess, Fucktard, Sissy, The Imp

Awwwwwwwwwwww...aren't they cute? Just darling, right? And so environmentally conscious and so very, very, very "Green".

While the crowd at Tuesday night's DemocRAT Debate, held at Chicago's Soldier Field, put up with heat and humidity, the Seven Idiots had - for themselves - an air conditioned stage. And did I correctly hear a caller to Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday say that the Seven Idiots, along with master(de)bater moderator Keith Olberwiener, each had their own, personal air conditioner contained within their podiums?

Isn't their hypocrisy sweet and refreshing?

See, the Liberal Elite was us to do with less so there's more for them. Aren't they just the most ethical, non-double standard folks around?

From the Chicago Tribune:

    It can be rough being a front-runner, especially on a hot night on the gridiron.


    With temperatures in the high 80s, the candidates had air conditioning on stage, but there was still plenty of heat.

I doubt none of the Seven Idiots "jet-pooled" (just like car-pooling).

No doubt Hillary MrsSatan did her part to be carbon neutral by flying in on her broomstick.

And The Imp? Well, being the tiny, little parasite he is, he just attached himself to one of the other candidates without being noticed.


the Dipshit, Cuntess and the Fucktard. Wasn't that a Made for TV movie?
Benny you are Spot On. It was an ABC-TV movie of the week, to be precise, in the late 70s - if memory serves 1978. Directed by E.W. Swackhamer and starring Larry Hagman, Joyce Bulifant and Bill Bixby in order, as the characters you mention. The Imp did a cameo and was played by Gary Coleman.
Larry Hagman's liver was cast separately.
His liver was cast separately. His liver, oddly, played a testicle in the movie.
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