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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Date Breakers

Yahoo is running a feature of Ten Turn-Offs Men Don't Like About Women.

One item men don't like about women is the woman who reads more "into" every comment than is really there. This is a big one, ladies. Why do you do that? Why do you read far more into something that's not there?

Another is the "High Maintenance Gal", which is self-explanatory.

Another is what the writer calls "Chatterbox Charlene", the woman who never seems to stop talking. I know women like this. I'm at a loss to explain how they breathe because they never stop talking in order to inhale. Never. And they talk non-stop with their female friends as well. Ya' gotta give us some silent moments, ladies, if you don't - don't wonder why we overindulge in adult beverages.

I also have a Number Eleven: The Woman Who Never Has Cash On Her. Usually this is a woman who earns a darn good income but, for some strange reason, never ever has money on her person. Oh, she says she'll pay you back for lunch, but she never does. This is also the woman who writes a check or uses a credit card to pay for something that costs $2.17. Carry some cash, gals.

And on the flip side is Ten Turn-Offs Women Don't Like. Whoooooooa...are you ladies saying that we men aren't perfect? Surely you must be wrong.

    Great Gal Turnoff #1: Showboat Sammy
    Maybe he owns a yacht off the coast of France. Maybe he has a timeshare in the Hamptons. Maybe his annual bonus is bigger than most guys' salaries. That's all well and good, but does it really need to be divulged on the first date?


    Great Gal Turnoff #7: Stereotyping Stephen
    "Oh, you're one of those types of women." Jumping to conclusions about a date from the way she answers one or two questions is a definite mistake. Let the date unfold before making assumptions about someone you just met.

It's amazing that anyone ever actually gets together, let alone marries and has children.

Number 7 is funny since the article itself is about stereotyping people.

People looking for a perfect mate are going to be sorely disappointed. I love my wife and she's satisfies my every need in a partner, but she doesn't need to be perfect to do that.
#7 does stereotype doesn't it? I wondered if anyone would point that out! You win a Mister Softee!
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