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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Running And Jogging Wearing A Fur Coat

I know many of you like running and jogging with your dog, especially around 7:30PM or 8PM, as Sol hits at that angle and presents a beautiful sun-setting lush and visual landscape to absorb while you do your laps.

But leave the dogs at home, in the air-conditioned house with a dish full of fresh and iced water. At 7 or 8PM - it's still in the 80 degree range in a lot of places - and some areas of the country are having near record setting high humidity and increasing dew-points.

Try putting on a heavy coat and pants made from thick, insulating material and jogging in it. Think of how quickly your internal thermostat would register into the Overheated and Dangerous level. The same thing with your dog - who can only release their heat by panting and through the pads on their paws. If I'm wrong on this, someone let me know.

A quick call to your Veterinarian's office can tell you at what temps it's safe to take Rover jogging with you and when it's best to leave him home.

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My puppy is too young to go jogging with me and I hardly hit "fast walk" with her because she pulls me in 10 directions at once.

But I do have to take her into the back yard to play even when it's hot because she has so much energy that she almost jumps out of her skin if she doesn't get some outside time.

We have our famous pool for her to cool off in and she's usually out there for about 10-20 minutes when I've usually hit my limit of heat.

Good call!!
Good. I see too many people running & jogging after 7:30-8PM and a lot of them have their dog on a leash with them, and the poor dog looks like they're ready to drop.

I encourage folks to check with their Vets and ask at what temperature range is it safe to take my dog running.

Your puppy is growing like a monster, from the looks of the more recent pics.
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