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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Hit News

New York Democrat and U.S. House of Representative Charlie Rangel denies both a marriage split and stepping out on his wife by denying both a marriage split and stepping out on his wife. Offering $1,000.00 to someone who can prove it.
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John Murtha
delivers the PORK - and lots of it - to his district.

Murtha still off his rocker in denying facts about Iraq.
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Hahhhr-varrrd Study reveals the following, New York Times:

    Americans of all ages are interested in current affairs and are consuming news like never before, right?

    Not so[.]

    [Most] teenagers and adults 30 and younger are not following the news closely at all, the report, titled “Young People and News,” concluded. It is based on a national sample of 1,800 Americans that included teenagers, young adults aged 18 to 30 and older adults.


    Only 16 percent of the young adults surveyed aged 18 to 30 said that they read a newspaper every day and 9 percent of teenagers said that they did.

H/T: WriteNews.com
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Japan Recovering from 6.8 earthquake. BBC

Update: Photo gallery of quake damage.
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Harry Reid, Real Estate Mogul and part-time U.S. Senator from Nevader threatening to keep Senate awake all night. Yeah, Harry's gonna keep anyone awake with his monotone?! Go Harry, Go!
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The $100 Laptop is here.
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...U.S. Senator from Virginia, Democrat Jim Jimbo BobbyJim JimBobJo Webb has a "wetting his pants" moment debating Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Sunday's "Meet The Press".

At the 2:18 mark into the video, I think Webb's head appears to be close to bursting:

Why hasn't JimBob BobbyJim JimBoBoJim Webb been to Iraq?

Is Jim Webbs head expanding? It's huge. Is there some kind of giant head Teddy Kennedy syndrome going on in the Democratic Party? Al Gore is another example of giant head syndrome. It's starting to get a little scary like some kind of attack of the giant headed mutant freaks.
You know, you nailed it. I knew something looked odd, but I couldn't place it. It is the large head syndrome, not unlike the Reptilian-Human aliens that supposedly run the New World Order. Maybe you turned some of those reptiles up turning over some rocks while hiking?

Kerry is another one with - not so wide - but a long stretched out head.

There's another B-Movie from the 50's or maybe early 60s that have these huge headed aliens that attack earth and the whole thing is laughable, except for the head size. It's just like you say it is with the Dems.
Murtha is such a jackass. I can't say too much, as he's gotten a lot of money for my husband's place of employ, but I'll just say that my husband was offered a very attractive job...more Murtha pork and essentially an unnecessary job.

It's sickening to go to a function for my husband's place of employ. One can't speak out because Murtha gets them so much $$$, and one of my husband's friends is basically in Murtha's pocket.
Jesus he does look as though his head is about to burst... Watching liberals is kind of like watching a train wreck, you really want to look away...
When you have the time, check out the lastest video I've posted. It supposedly a banned Bush interview and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it. Thanks.
Will do Bug!
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