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Monday, July 09, 2007

One Hit News

Former British Navy Chief Admiral Sir Alan West says fighting terrorism could take ten to fifteen years: BBC

    [He] blamed jihadists outside the country for influencing young Britons, and said the terror fight was a "daunting task".

    He urged people to be un-British by "snitching" to the authorities.

    Meanwhile Gordon Brown said he wanted a system put in place across Europe to help identify potential suspects.


    Sir Alan told BBC News the campaign against terrorism using the "four Ps" - prepare, protect, pursue and prevent - was going in the right direction.

    He said he wanted to get a cross-Britain consensus, to bring in the best brains, and look at things more holistically for what was a "daunting task".

    Sir Alan said: "We're talking about such a big change in the way people behave that it's inevitably going to take 10 to 15 years, and that's if we're lucky, and that's what I hope we can achieve.

    "I think it would be wrong to pretend otherwise to the British nation."

    Sir Alan said jihadists outside the country were influencing young British men and women and that "we need to think about how we can change that".

Sir Alan "gets it".

And more at The Boston Herald.
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Anonymous online postings are to be banned by a city in China, after residents mounted a successful internet campaign against proposals for a huge chemicals factory. Times Online

More Here, UPI.

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Skin cells fight child cancer. BBC
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Las Vegas Shooting Update And Details: Singapore's Electric New Paper

    The gunman fired 16 shots and wounded four people from a balcony early Friday at about 12.45am, before he was tackled by off-duty military reservists [at the New York-New York Casino in Vegas].


    'It was crazy, pandemonium,' said Ms Jade Jacobson, 28, a tourist from Florida. 'All I was thinking was that I could die right now.'


    The gunman, 51, is a Las Vegas resident, but is said to be a native of Hungary.

    He had extra ammunition in his tan-coloured trench coat when he was arrested, and may have wanted to provoke a fatal confrontation with police, said Captain James Dillon of the Las Vegas police.

    'This subject was capable and motivated to continue shooting... but he was tackled and taken into custody after the first volley of rounds,' he said.


    He was described as 'greatly emotionally distressed'.

    A Las Vegas resident, 43, who identified herself as the suspect's cousin, said he had been divorced for several years and estranged from most of his family since his ex-wife remarried.

    'I love my cousin and everything,' she said, 'but his temper and not being able to relate has really gotten worse recently.

    'He's been threatening the family for some time now. He's been pushing everyone away.'

    She described him as an unemployed house painter who liked to gamble.

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The man believed to be the driver of the fiery Glasgow Jeep, Kafeel Ahmed, "organised cross-community events in Belfast during his time as a Queen's University student". Belfast Telegraph:

    During his time in Belfast, Ahmed was a leading member of the Islamic Student Society of Northern Ireland.

    His link to the Glasgow Airport incident has shocked people within the Muslim community in Belfast who knew him.


    "I must say my personal experience of him was of a very pleasant, very placid and friendly guy.

    "He was very polite, very intelligent and intellectual, in fact."

    Mr Iweida said the Muslim community maintained its position of " condemning any act of terror and violence against anybody, anywhere".

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