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Friday, July 13, 2007

More Nixon Tapes Released

I like Richard Nixon more and more every time new tapes are released. In the most recent, Boston Herald:

    Nixon complained bitterly about Democratic campaign hecklers who shouted down his speeches, in contrast to well-mannered Republicans.

    “Our people,” he snapped, “are so goddamn polite.”

ABC News reports conversations of Nixon using the term "house jew:

    [Nixon and Charles Colson] agree that they want "a Jew" to have a prominent post in Nixon's second term.

    Nixon: "I don't basically want a "house Jew" for example, like Max Fisher, you know, is insisting that his man come in and I'm not going to do that."

    Colson: "No.

And that Nixon said of Democrat rival for president, George McGovern: (Same ABC News link as immediately above):

    Nixon: "You know this fellow, to the last, was a prick. Did you see his concession statement?"

    Kissinger: "Oh, cut it out."

    Nixon: "He was very gracious in the beginning."

    Nixon says speechwriter Ray Price urged him to send McGovern a message that he looks forward to working with him and his supporters for peace in the years ahead.

    Nixon: "And I just said hell no, I'm not gonna send him that sort of wire. Don't you agree?"

    Kissinger: "Absolutely. He was ungenerous, petulant, unworthy."

    Nixon: "As you probably know, I responded in a very decent way to him."

    Kissinger: "I thought it was a great statement."

He was ungenerous, petulant, unworthy." - heh, Henry - good one!

Ah well...yes, we need another Nixon.

The Left will assail his comments and undoubtedly be called "racist" views.
But Hillary Clinton will escape all questions and accusations for her use of the N-Word and disparaging remarks about Jews. How Grande their hypocrisy.

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