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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lexus Catches Fire

A Lexus automobile, only a mere three months old, catches fire and is destroyed. KSTP:

    Flames shot from a luxury car near I-94 and Humboldt in Brooklyn Center late Friday morning, backing up traffic on the major interstate.

    Smoke filled the sky just before 10:00 a.m. Authorities arrived on the scene and were able to put out the fire in the Lexus, which was only three months old.

    The driver, Cory Grambart, wasn't hurt and walked away from the car. Grambart told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that he got out just in time.

    "I was driving in my car and it just started goin' funny, the next thing you know I could smell smoke," Grambart said, who was on his way to meet a businesses associate in Maple Grove. "My dash lit up like a Christmas tree."

    "I look over my shoulder and there was already fire in the car. I pulled over real fast, jumped out of the car and it was engulfed within seconds."

    At this point, it's not clear why the luxury vehicle caught on fire so rapidly.

"I specifically told the salesman and his boss, the manager of the dealership, that I didn't want the exploding fireball of metal and flames option, but he just wouldn't let it go," said Grambart.


It burned because there's an unfused length of cable somewhere that had the insulation rubbed off and shorted against a sharp edge.

Guaranteed design or manufacturing flaw. Any length of unfused cable coming from the battery to the central fuse block should be completely encased in some cable armor.
nah, it's Rove's fault.
No... it's the salesman. He probably got a spiff for selling the "blow up" car...lol. Lucky the man wasn't hurt.
A "spiff" for selling it - gawd - really...no sh*t.
On Monday, June 15, our lexus caught fire while we were driving. We were fortunate to get out unharmed and the car was completely destroyed. The next day we read about a woman who was saved by 3 people from her burning lexus.
I would appreciate any information about lexus car fires. Obviously there is a serious defect in the car
Dorothy, glad to hear you survived unharmed.

I have no new or additional info on the Lexus fires. Perhaps you can find some updates by searching on the terms Lexus fires? Or checking with your local Lexus dealer.

Screw the Lexus. Buy a Ford. (Don't buy GM, they'll be out of business in less than ten years because of Obama's meddling.)

Good luck.
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