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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hummer Hate Crime?

Did Eco-NutCases commit a hate crime when they vandalized a Hummer in Washington D.C.?

    It's bad enough to wake up and find someone has vandalized your car. But it's even worse to find out you may have been targeted because your car has come to symbolize big road hogging gas guzzlers everywhere.

    The H2 was Gareth Grove's dream car. So when he finally bought it and fixed it up just right, he was happy man. That lasted four days.

    Early Monday morning, someone came by his house and smashed it up.


    [The incomplete message] "For the environ" [was scraped into the Hummer's metal exterior].

    Neighbors were sympathetic, but [Ah- the "But". D.D.] everyone we talked to had a sense that the Hummer has come to be a symbol of American greed and waste on the roadways.

While other neighbors weren't so sympathetic:

    Some neighbors admit they don't like gas-guzzling Hummers, but said they aren't condoning the vandalism.

    "People were commenting that it was a bit ostentatious," Olivier said.


    One neighbor, however, hopes the Hummer never returns.

    "I think you should suggest to them to get a more discrete vehicle. Discrete and economical," Athena Adams said.

Nice neighbors, huh? Let's all concede to whatever Athena Adams declares "discrete and economical." She know's best. Everyone okay with that....m-kay?


someone..Bug? commented here, but I deleted the comment instead of publishing it. sorry.

or maybe molson commented here.

Oh for crying out loud... how many of my comments are you going to delete?

Is this censorship or what? Sheeeeesh. :o)

I think I said something like... with neighbors like that who needs Iraq.
Yeah Bug, it's censorship! Get used to it - heh.
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