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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Shhhh! It's true! Fred Thompson Dated Women When...(I have to whisper this to you)...
When He Was Single!

Have you heard the latest charges from the Left about Republican potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson? Why, they say he's "a womanizer"! That wouldn't be the pot calling the kettle black now, would it?

Between his first and second marriages, a span of 17 years he was single...he was...are you sitting down? Ready, because it's damning behavior for sure. During those 17 years he was single, Fred Thompson - whew - how can I say this - he went out on dates...with women. Phew, wow - that's really shocking! The Left is absolutely justified in using this tactic, that a single man dated other, single women.

From the above link:

    "I was single for a long time, and, yep, I chased a lot of women," Thompson replied, chuckling.

My God - What kind of a monster does this and behaves this way!?

Praise The Lord and Hallelujah that the Democrats don't have any womanizers within their party.

Bill Clinton - no - he's not a womanizer. Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and of course the rape allegations made by Juanita Broderick - no, that's not womanizing, that's just Bill's infidelity.

Ted Kennedy - no - he's not a womanizer. He's on his second marriage now...and his famous waitress sandwich with Chris Dodd...no, he's not a womanizer. His bothers John and Robert - they weren't womanizers, no - they probably hung out with Marilyn Monroe for the intellectual conversation.

And in the next Democrat presidential candidate debate, will some "journalist" dare ask Dodd the explain the waitress sandwich once for all? Uh - stirke that, I'm not sure I want to hear the details.

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey- no - we know for sure he's not a womanizer. While married with children, he'd sneak out and have sex with men at truck stops and gay bookstores. How romantic, how wholesome, a white-picket fence moment.

Jimmy Carter admitted he lusted in his heart. Lusted! Why, the nerve of that man!

Fred Thompson; the Left accuses him of scandalous years of being single and dating women!

Dennis Kucinich, I don't know if he's a womanizer, but he is on his third marriage just like Newt Gingrich. While the MSM and The Left is only too anxious to point out that Gingrich is on his third wife while rarely mentioning the same applies to Kucinich.

Talk show host Larry King, he's a good double- dipped-in-blue Liberal. What number marriage is he on these days, his 40th?

Massachusetts' gay U.S. Representative Barney Frank, he's single. I bet he's played the field and been around the block a few times.

Remember 1988 Democrat Presidential candidate Gary Hart and Donna Rice? Allegedly, he claims he told her to, "fix my election, not lick my erection."

And by now we know John Edwards spends a lot of time, money and detail in his personal appearance with the haircuts and the make-up, posturing himself as Mr. Sensitive as he panders to female voters and metrosexuals. He gets a Free Pass from being a homophobe for his remark, "I'm uncomfortable around [gay] people."

This is another in a clear cut case of the Dems projecting their own behavior onto others.

Kudos to Al and Tipper Gore for their successful marriage. Who says that attitudes of faux-intelligentsia and deep shallowness can't lead to a lifetime of marital bliss!

But now we know that Fred Thompson dated women while he was single. What an animal. What a beast. What kind of Red-Blooded American Man behaves this way - - - uh - - - when they're single?


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Good God, the man is a known heterosexual and has been seen hanging out with thespians.
yeah, he dated chicks when single. that's unique, huh?
What!!! A white hterosexual man who actually dates women? Bizarre!

You know what I hate more than hypocrits? Hypocrits who can't keep their mouths shut.
A sinle guy who dated women. I know, scandalous, isn't it!
Wait a minute -- isn't Sullivan claiming he's gay?
PA - heh - really!
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