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Monday, July 16, 2007

From The "Why Didn't Someone
Tell Me About This" Department:

Did you hear that British adventurer and swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh on Sunday became the first person to swim in the icy waters of the North Pole, to raise awareness of how global warming is effecting the polar ice cap?

    "I hope my swim will inspire world leaders to take climate change seriously,." [he said].

Well he's certainly inspired me and increased my awareness - and I'm not even a world leader - of an issue that is barely discussed! I hadn't heard anything about this thing he called "global warming"? What's that all about? Why hasn't anyone ever mentioned this to me before and why is this the first I'm hearing of it?

Okay Mr. Pugh, you can go home now. Every world leader has wet their pants and dresses several times over the so-called global warming issue. It's tea time. Go home.

Libs, commies, Democrats (all the same thing) just love to whine endlessly about the plight of the poor working slob and how the evil 'Spawn of Reagan' Republicans are falling all over themselves to export jobs to China or India or wherever. Well I can tell you the fastest way to export jobs to China or India or wherever is to adopt the utterly ridiculous Kyoto Protocall that Al Gore can't stop wetting his pants over. If the Dems really wanted to stop global warming, they'd stop spewing endless hot air out of their pie holes and shut-the-f-up. Oh and Dems, please please please I'm begging you just impeach Bush already. We're tired of hearing the endless pissing and moaning and just imagine the reduction in green house gases that would result. Al Gore might just pitch a tent for the first time in years without requiring the use of Viagra.
OK. OK. I just can't help myself on this one. OK here goes..."Pugh. Something smells in here."

Man would somebody stop me. No? OK then here's version two...

"Pugh. Something smells in here. Oh I see the problem. Quick get a stick and plunger. Somebody dropped a huge trent lott and has the loo all plugged up."

Now Mr. Pugh can go home.
Global what, know? War...warming?!??

What inquiring minds really want to know is if you are hiking Colorado while watching youTube videos with a new iPhone....
Steve Jobs said I was too poor to own an iPhone. I can't argue with him there. Maybe the Dems can help me out with some kind of subsidy taken from obnoxiously rich Republicans. That is if the Dems don't outlaw hiking with the iPhone as it might damage the ozone layer or stop endangered snails from mating or even result in some kind of giant head mutant freak syndrome not unlike that afflicting Teddy Kennedy.
giant head mutant freak syndrome indeed. I commented more in the comment section above this post.
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