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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dems Tackle Little In All Nighter - Sleepover

And I had such high hopes and expectations for the "new majority" to do something Tuesday night. Gee whiz!

Does anyone believe that Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, Osama Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton or Norm Coleman are going to sleep on a cot? Come on...Ted Kennedy on a cot?

ABC News (that would be not FOX News for you Liberals) reports that the Dems left around 1AM with a 5AM roll call scheduled. No hourly roll call attendance was taken as Reid had promised, so those who wanted to leave could do so. Many of the Democrat lady senators left to take advantage of their (un?)beauty sleep. Cal Thomas calls it The Democratic Wimp Out:

    “Harry, sweetheart,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, who led a group of Democrats in pleading with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for a delay in voting, “5:30 or 6?” Reid complied and senators abandoned the chamber so fast you would have thought it was on fire.

The MoveOn/KoS/ThinkRegressive/DU Crowd must've been wetting themselves with glee, thinking that their elected Liberals were accomplishing anything or providing entertainment - well, there was some entertainment.

The All-Nighter was nothing more than just another example in a long list of Dog And Pony Shows by the politicians who fear losing the Insane Liberal Clown Posse voting bloc. Reid, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Boxer...all of 'em on the Dem side fear being not perceived as being Liberal enough by the ILCP. They have good reason to fear because they aren't as Liberal as the ILCP desires.

52-47...Dems lose again.


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The Dems had to leave early because Teddy Kennedy gorged himself on some left-over Chilean sea bass that Al Gore gave him. The resulting fish farts were so frequent and stench ridden, Harry Reid ran outside and blew chunks. Hilliary was initially blamed, but she ran out the door yelling he who smelt it dealt it. The rest of the Dems wasted no time vacating the premises to escape the toxic green house gas cloud emanating from Teddy's rotund posterior. So once again Al Gore was an unwitting accomplice to another Dem defeat. Teddy who was on his fifth fifth of vodka had no idea anything happened.
ouch, gas mask time. sound the alerts.
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