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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Congress Dives (Again) In Approval Ratings

According to the latest AP - Ipsos poll:

    Public satisfaction with the job lawmakers are doing has fallen 11 points since May, to 24 percent.


    [President Bush's] job approval rating in the AP-Ipsos survey remained virtually unchanged at 33 percent.


    Just two months ago, 35 percent of the public approved of Congress' work.


    [The] percentage of Democrats who are turning up their noses at Congress [nearly doubled]. Among Republicans, though, not so much.

An 11% drop in what is essentially less than two months, reflecting the disappointment of the "new majority" Democrat Congress...my, my, that's quite a long fall in a short time. How long before it takes the Dems to hit 0%? Much of this has to be the uber-Liberals exiting the party because other Liberals aren't quite "Liberal enough... "

Oh, how rich! Chocolaty, nougaty rich and creamy!

Well, maybe it'll take a man to clean up the House next year.


Everyone said that no one would support the surrendercrats once they actually got power. Now we see just that.

They will be their own undoing, and we can all be happy about that. Sorry to take so long to respond to your comment Roger. Thanks for visiting and commenting!
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