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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Turkish Troops Not In Iraq
According To NY Times

Gee...listening to Lefty Radio you'd almost get the impression that Turkey has troop levels and presence from their border all the way to Baghdad.

But - like almost anything from the Left - it appears Turkey hasn't crossed into or over the Iraq border.

Sabrina Tavernise, writing in in the New York Times (that would be not FOX News, for you brain-dead Liberals out there):

    And while reports this week of a large Turkish military push into Iraq seem to be untrue, the army is acting with greater urgency here in the southeast, home to a large part of the Kurdish minority.

And - well - if it's in the NYT, the Holy Bible for the Liberals, why - it MUST be true, right? Or is the NYT now part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

Now, the NYT site requires free subscription to read their on-line stories, so you may or not be able to get directly to the site by the
This Direct Link to the story.

You may need to go to Tavernise's cover page HERE and click on the story titled, "Turkey Rattles Its Sabers at Militant Kurds in Iraq".

Or you can search her name via Google and find the story that way.

Jowly Jim Ward, the roly-poly ham-eating, Tin-Foil Hat-Wearing, conspiracy-loving smear merchant

Now, last week on Lefty Radio's Stephanie Miller show, Jowly Jim Ward said, "Turkey has already invaded Iraq."

Of course, this is the same guy who said the U.S. would begin bombing Iran on this past Easter's Good Friday. And when that didn't happen, he said the U.S. would begin bombing Iran over the recent Memorial Weekend.

A real Nostradamus this obese chunk of waddling lard is, ain't he?



i hate jim ward
welllllllll......"hate" is a pretty strong word, tho I certainly support your right to use it and I am open-minded enought to publish your comment. I hate things, like certain foods, etc, but I try to stay away from using "hate" to describe people I may not like.

I bet we can agree on that Ward is a propaganda-spreading, Tin Foil Hat Wearing waddling pompous ass who doesn't the the meaning of the word "objectivity" if his Lard-Laden Ass depended on it.

Agree, disagree? Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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