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Saturday, June 02, 2007

TB Boy: Andrew Speaker

I have no sympathy for this man, Andrew Speaker; none. He's a personal injury-ambulance chasing lawyer who would be first in line, suing anyone else who did what he did.

He traveled the world knowing there was the likelihood that he was a biological ticking time-bomb.

He is no different than someone with a communicable disease who deliberately infects others. He is no different than someone who deliberately infects their partners with sexually transmitted diseases.

And why is he receiving medical care in the United States? Why, the Liberals tell us that it's places like Cuba that have the world's most advanced and state of the art medical technology.

Ship Tuberculosis Boy to Havana General Hospital. Certainly he'd receive far superior medical care there, right?

Tuberculosis Boy says, "he's sorry". Oh, well, that makes all the potential people he may have infected feel better, doesn't it?

How is it Speaker was asymptomatic, yet test results showed he has full-blown TB:

    According to the CDC, Speaker developed a nagging cough in January of this year. His symptoms included fatigue, chest pain, weakness, and coughing up blood. X-rays indicated a 'spot on his lung' that remained undiagnosed for some weeks to months. Once doctors learned the causative agent was tuberculosis, the Fulton County Health Department was notified and follow-up care and testing began. (Note: The CDC has reported that no antibiotic treatment had been administered to Speaker prior to commencement in Atlanta following his return to the US in late May — odd, isn't it?)


    What we now know is that Andrew Speaker was asymptomatic — in fact, all signs of TB ended in January or possibly February. (Note: Asymptomatic patients generally do not spread the infection. Contagion occurs during active stages of the disease via aerosolized mycobacterium particles contained within cough 'spray' or, in rare cases, after touching a surface contaminated by an infected person — XDR-TB can remain on surfaces for several weeks unless cleaned with a strong disinfectant).

Something is going on here that isn't being disclosed or that isn't yet known or identified.

He put the lives of others at risk because of his pure selfishness. I hope he is sued by those he put at risk and loses everything he has. I have no sympathy for this man.


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