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Monday, June 04, 2007

One Hit News

60 Taliban members die in sinking boat in Afghanistan's Helmand River. Turkish Press; Awwwww, such a shame. Cindy Sheehan and so many other Liberals must be mourning their deaths.
- - - - -
Radioactive waste from Russia poses problems for Norway. Aftenposten
- - - - -

Former Soviet Leader
Mikhail Gorbachev says the U.S. is "empire building." BBC; Is Gorby Russia's equivalent of Junior Gore, actively seeking and needing the limelight?
- - - - -
Fidel Castro Marries Vietnamese Communist Party, Nong Duc Manh. BBC; Okay, not really, but when you see the photo you'll think he did.
- - - - -

Man fights monkfish with knife. Aftenposten
- - - - -

UK teachers will have the power to search pupils for knives without their consent under a new law. Sky News; But-but-but-what about their "civil liberties"?
- - - - -
UK "knife culture" continues:
Man threatened and robbed by three youths...wielding knives. Evening Telegraph
- - - - -

On July 1 most of the UK goes "no-smoking". Sky News; You have got to see this, especially the Minister who says "we've never allowed smoking in our church and all of a sudden we are required by law to post signs saying 'no-smoking'."

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