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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Harry Reid Not Popular, Will Tell You
What Kind of Car You Can Drive

Dem Senator from Nevader, Harry "The Milkman" Reid has only a 19% approval rating according to a brand-spanking new Rasmussen Poll. Now, I'm no math wizard, but I'm willing to bet the farm that 19% is well below the mid-thirties approval ratings for President Bush.

And the Dems plan to reduce the cost of gasoline? "Use Less!" Why, let's turn the clock back to the Jimmy Carter years!

From KXMC:

    The Democrat from Nevada discussed the Senate Democrat's energy legislation during a speech at the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank.

    And how are they going to do it? By telling you what kind of cars you can drive and what fuels you can use, of course.

    Reid said the Democrat's plan calls for new cars and trucks to get 35 miles per gallon by the year 2020. To cut down on imported oil, the proposal also requires an increase in the production of ethanol and other renewable fuels used by vehicles in the United States.

Always meddling in our personal affairs and willing to bring us back to the days of candle light and pre-historic means of life, the Dems are, aren't they?

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As if Milky's low approval rating wasn't low enough, in a real pot meet kettle moment, he goes and calls General Petraeus incompetent. Is he for freaking real? The Milkster really needs to loosen his belt to allow more oxygen to his severely addled brain. Just when I thought peanut brain Carter was possibly the biggest idiot on the planet here comes Milky offering up some intense competition. Although the swamp cow known as Pelosi has her shining moments. Notice I don't refer to Carter as ex-president Carter. He may have held the office, but he was no president. Thank you Libs one and all for the idiotic socialist rabble you have handicapped our government with time and time again.
"Milky" - LOL! yeah, Reid is losing "it" and can't deal with it in any other mature manner so he has tantrums, just like a spoiled child.

I agree w/ you on Carter, he's the ultimate douchebag.

Molson, how is hiking in Colo going these days? I was there 3 yrs ago and loved it, Denver and Colo Spgs area.
No joy on CO hiking so far this year. For now I'm going to have to be satisfied with hiking the Rust Belt and did so today in the 90 degree heat. Maybe I'll get to CO this September. I still need to drag my beer bloated carcass up Mount Meeker. That one has eluded me for years.
Well it sure sounds like you are having an enjoyable time. I really like the photos you've posted on your blog as well. Have fun, take care, thanks for visiting & commenting.
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