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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why Do Libs Talk Out Of Their Butt?
Or: Why Arne Paul Is An Asshat

I never cease to be amazed at how little, if any, research Liberals put into what they say and what they write. Just because someone wants to "believe" that what they think is true doesn't make it so. Really...this is true! Thinking or believing that something is true doesn't make it necessarily so.

Here's a perfect case example: On This post of mine (which if you scroll down a bit you will find it) - the third post of Monday, May 7, I asked a simple question of why or what makes it art when photographer Spencer Tunick's photographs mass crowds of naked people.

In his most recent work he had 18,000 people took off their clothes to pose for US photographic artist Spencer Tunick on Sunday in Mexico City's Zocalo square, the heart of the ancient Aztec empire. I posed the question in my post of is this art or not, and if it is art, why is it art.

So along comes a comment on my post made by someone who calls himself "Arne Paul". He wrote:

    Let me guess....hmmm....sounds like a typical American response. Right? Of course you realize if this happened in America it’s [sic ] have turned into another record: 18,001 felony convictions in federal court, with a life sentence handed down to Spencer Tunick for creating a terrorist event (or at least homeland security and the FBI orchestrating the arrests). So now even historically conservative and politically repressive Mexico has surpassed the increasingly prudish America in both social and real freedoms. What an embarrasssment [sic].

    9:38 AM, May 07, 2007

My response comment to him was this:

    Dear Arne Paul,

    Let me guess...hmmmm....you talk out of your ass without bothering to research what you write.

    Spencer Tunick did indeed do a large-group nude photo on June 26, 2004 Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

    A simple Google search would have allowed you to learn this, Mr. Paul - but no - talking out of your ass is always what come naturally for you.

    What an embarrassment.

    Arne, what's it like to be such a fucking dipshit? Please comment again and let me - an (supposed to be "and") others - know.

Here's the Source for Tunick's exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio.

And HEY - Arne, did you know that Tunick "...started out documenting live nudes in public locations in New York through video and photographs." Source: Answers.com

Arne - did you know that both Cleveland and New York are indeed located in the United States? Didn't fare too well in geography class, did you Arne. Maybe you should open the gift-wrapped box that's been sitting on your shelf for two or three decades; I bet there's a globe in it. You do know what a globe is, don't you?

Now, Arne could have spent a whole fifteen seconds performing a Google search to find out if Tunick had done any naked "shoots" in the USA, but Arne figured he "knew" that Tunick hadn't. So Arne poised his fingers at the keyboard and thought he'd be a smart-ass by saying if Tunick had done a naked "shoot" in the U.S. that there'd be "18,001 felony convictions...etc. etc."

Arne, if only you had done the most basic, rudimentary research before commenting you could have avoiding being such a textbook example of a dipshit. If Arne chose not to do any fact-checking in something as easy as whether or not Tunick ever did a group nude "shoot" in the U.S. - well, what other things does Arne "thinks" that he "knows"?

Here's another tip for those who think you're being a smart-ass or being snarky when you comment here; you want to be a smart-ass? You want to be snarky? No problem - just don't be a crybaby when I respond with an equal or greater degree of snarkiness or smartassedness directed right back at 'ya. I "own" sarcasm, snarkiness and smartassedness.

If you want to leave a civil comment disagreeing with me, you will be treated with as much civility as you treat me. You set the agenda of how you will be treated with your comments, not me.

It's funny, I have't heard back from Arne. I earnestly want to know from him what it's like being a total, complete, fucking dipshit. C'mon Arne - come back and comment again. Share with us what it's like to be a genuine asshat. We all want to know!


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I;m not sure what to think of your blog. I read what you write like the Curious George Tenet story.

I read the Bill clinton ypocritical Face of AIDS that you wrote from last December and they are

really solid stories. I can tell you put time and work into them and backing up what you write using and listing other sources of nformation gathering. You cited sources from both the left political and the right sides to make your points. Good stuff.

Then I read the stories where you called that liberal writer the 'C' word and it just seems

vindictive and mean. I don't blame the way you responded to Arne Pauls comment, it seems like he was asking for it.

what am I to expect from your writings and how do you decide what your going to write about?
Hello Dennis and thank you for commenting. It sounds like you've been a reader, visiting this blog
for a while I appreciate that. I appreciate every visitor who stops by. Thank you for your kind
words on the Curious George Tenet and Bill Clinton's Hypocritical Face of AIDS posts. I did put
effort into them and I am pleased that you noticed that.

Without going into a lengthy story, there were many traded comments at the Liberal Blog of Kay, the
lady you say I called the "C" word. I did indeed use the "C" word several times in describing and
was very harsh of her. The reason for this is because she called the U.S. Military "Pigs". Her post
is accurately reproduced via a screen capture the post where she wrote the U.S. Military are "Pigs". She responded to another commenter at her blog repeating that the Military is "Pigs". This is also accurately reproduced by a screen capture.

I have written that the Military is above critique, but to call the Brave Men and Women in the Military "Pigs" is simply disgusting and uncalled for. I called her out on what she wrote. I'm not aware that even Moveon.Org has stooped to the level of calling the Military "Pigs".

I don't have any set or pre-planned agenda of what I'm going to write about on any given day. What I publish if often driven by current events and what's newsworthy on any given day. Some days I have material "ready-to-go" that are timeless, such as publishing a satirical piece on or about Al
Franken. Or any other public figure, for that matter.

I can't tell you what you should personally expect from my blog. I can tell you I try my best to
keep issues mixed-up a bit for variety and to keep it fresh. I like to think that I am fair to both sides of our major political parties, the Republicans and Democrats. I have written and criticized Republicans when they've deserve it. (See December 2005 and January 2006 archives on the Franklin Cover-Up Story. I recently wrote about my ambivalence of Conservative Radio Talker Michael Savage).

I apply what I've personally deemed a linear standard, where I apply the same standard to Republicans as I do Democrats. The Democrats and Liberals take the brunt of my criticism because not only do they deserve it, but they manifest their duplicity and flip-floppiness far - FAR - more frequently than do Republicans and Conservatives. I do beleive and can support my belief that Conservatives, in general, are far more consistent, fair and principled than are the Dems. The
Republicans are far from perfect, I've never written that they are.

I consider myself politcally an independent/"small L" libertarian. I cannot tell you how many times
I have voted for a Third Party Candidate that I knew had no chance of winning a federal, state or
local election. I voted for that Third Party Candidate because both major party candidates were
utterly unappealing to me in every way.

A few example of this would be how Democrats treat Barney Frank compared to how they treated Mark
Foley. West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was, in fact, a former memeber of the Ku Klux
Klan and yet he continues to be re-elected to office and is hailed by the Dems as an icon of their
party. If Byrd had been a Republican, his political career never would have had a chance to exist.

Democrats tell us it's wrong to make fun of the way gay men act and talk (meaning those that "act"
effiminately) yet on Liberal Radio's Stephanie Miller program people like Ted Haggard and Mark
Foley are portrayed as limp-wristed and lisping characitures.

I fully admit I do "dish it back" to Democrats at the same level they "dish out" to Republicans.

Those on Liberal Radio, like Mike Malloy, have spared no expense at making fun of Republicans who
have died. They are the ones setting the standard, I simply turn the tables back on them, placing
them in the cross-hairs giving them a taste of their own medicine.

You asked some very fair and balanced questions and your concerns are legitimate. I hope this not only answers your questions but perhaps addresses the same questions and concerns that others have who have, for whatever reason, not written to me or commented asking me what you did.

Again, Dennis, I'm humbled and honored on your compliments about the posts that you liked. Your
concerns on other matters were equally appropriate and fair. I hope you will be a regular visitor
and that you like what you find here. And you are always welcome to comment when you feel the urge
to do so. Thanks again.

Finally, I hate typing lengthy reponses into these damn tiny little comment boxes which do not have a spell-check and the formatting which is for crap. I realize this rsvp is likely full of typos and misspelled words so if you (not you Dennis) want to take potshots at me for this, by all means, be my guest.
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