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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Terrorism Expert Calls Iraq "A Terrorist Disneyland" If Cut And Run Implemented

Cut and Run Mentality, the kind favored by Liberals and Democrats who, for the past five years, have viewed the Iraq War as nothing but a political tool to be exploited, could cause al Qaida to "build up its strength unchallenged", Reuters (bolding mine):

    A U.S. troop pullout from Iraq would leave the country as a potent launchpad for international terrorism and Washington would be forced to go back in within a couple of years, a leading alQaeda expert said on Tuesday.

    Rohan Gunaratna told a security conference at Lloyd's of London insurance market that Iraq, like Afghanistan in the 1990s, would become a "terrorist Disneyland" where al Qaeda could build up its strength unchallenged.

    If U.S., British and other coalition troops withdrew from Iraq in the next year, he said, "certainly the scale of attacks that would be mounted inside Iraq, and using Iraq as a launching pad to strike other Western countries -- countries in Europe, North America - would become such that after two or three years, the U.S. forces will have to go back to Iraq."


    A former head of Britain's foreign intelligence service MI6 described Gunaratna's analysis as convincing.

    "Clearly al Qaeda are focusing on Iraq now, and focusing on some sort of propaganda victory over the United States," Sir Richard Dearlove told reporters.

Another terrorism expert, former head of British Secret Intelligence Service Sir Richard Dearlove says that Al-Qaida is changing its tactics and new strategies are needed to combat it, the former head of Britain's intelligence agency said Tuesday, warning that Iraq has become the new epicenter for terror cells in exporting radical ideology.

Gee, who should we believe here...huh, both a quandary and quagmire indeed. Should we give the benefit of doubt to people like Mr. Gunaratna, the head of the International Centre For Political Violence And Terrorism Research and Mr. Dearlove, both of whom actually possess credentials in the study and field of terrorism and know what they're talking about?

Or should we believe what folks like Nanny Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Dennis The Elf Kucinich, John Edwards, Howard Dean and the rest of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse tell us?

Yeah...tough call to make here...tough, tough call.


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