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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ted Mondale Gets Soft Sentence
On DUI Charge

Ted Mondale, or as I refer to him as Drunky McPrivileged was Pinched for Drunk Driving about two weeks ago. He is the son of former Worst.Vice.President.Ever Walter Mondale.

This is his First DUI Offense and it certainly seems - by all means - that his sentencing is far less severe than what the Average Citizen would receive. You don't suppose this is because his last name is
Dukakis Mondale, do you?

Wow, maybe I should legally change my last name to Mondale prior to my own driving drunk, not that I do that - I don't.

According to
WCCO News:

    "Mondale intends to propose coaching St. Louis Park youth baseball -- not his son's team -- for his community service."

    Mondale said he expects to have full driving privileges back by mid-June.

Mid-June...of 2007? Ted Mondale refused consent to take the blood alcohol test. Now, from what I've read, those arrested for DUI refusing consent have their driver's license revoked for one full year. But not for Ted, see - he's special. In the plea agreement, the charge of refusing the breath test - which is a gross misdemeanor - was dismissed. Ted must be an exception because he's a Mondale.

Does being a Mondale mean you get to do something you LIKE AND ENJOY for community service. Whoa - get me box of lotion coated Puffs...are you sure you're up to doing such arduous community service, Ted?

Ted's community service should have him wearing one of those blaze orange plastic vests, walking along the highways and off-ramps picking up garbage and cigarette butts.

I knew he'd get off easy because of who he is and who his Daddy is. What a pile of manure.

The lesson learned here, folks, is if you're going to drive drunk make sure you're a Democrat. Having your last name be Mondale (or Kennedy for that matter) is a huge plus in receiving a reduced and comfy sentencing.

Do people like Drunky McPrivilged get a discount on their drinks by showing the bartender their Democrat Party Membership card?

Drunky McPrivilged: Soon to be coaching your child's baseball team?
"Good game, kids! Break out the beers!"



Drake, you are an idiot. How any of you right wing lug nuts could call Mondale the worst VP when you have the likes of the traitor Cheney in your midst is a modern mystery. But right wingers are traitors so we shouldn't be surprised.
Well, by all means explain how Cheney is a "traitor".

I based my comment on Walter Mondale, as VP, on the Misery index for the Carter-Mondale 4 yr term with an average of 16.27, the highest of any president since Dwight Eisenhower.


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