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Monday, May 21, 2007

Jimmy Carter's "I was careless
and misinterpreted" Tour

Ex-President Jimmy Carter - Worst.President.Ever. - appearing on Monday's "Today Show" - said: CNN:

    Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday his remarks were "careless or misinterpreted" when he said the Bush administration has been the "worst in history" for its impact around the world. Speaking on NBC's "Today," Carter appeared to retreat from a statement he made to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for a Saturday story in which he said: "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history."

(Well, why didn't you tell us it was a backhanded compliment! )
    "And I think Richard Nixon had a very good and productive foreign policy and my remarks were maybe careless or misinterpreted."

(Hey - don't go trying to win over those of us who respect Nixon, ain't gonna work.)

Spinning Jimmy says he was speaking about the Nixon Administration. Really? This certainly begs the question then why Carter would include the name of outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair if Carter was talking about Nixon's policies.
This isn't the first time Carter displayed his sourness over Bush and Blair.

* In March 2004 he called the war an unnecessary war "based upon lies and misinterpretations" in order to oust Saddam Hussein.

* In June 2005, Carter urged the closing of the Guantanamo Bay

* In August 2006,
Carter criticized Blair for being "subservient" to the Bush administration (WaPO), and accused Blair of giving unquestioning support to any "radical or ill-advised" policy adopted by Bush.

Carter is in no position to criticize any other former president on any issue.

He's not even in the position to criticize the president of a High School Glee Club.

A partial list of Carter's personal and administrative failures are found
Right HERE.

There's a reason that Carter was so thoroughly rejected by voters in the
1980 election, losing the popular vote by 10 points to Ronald Reagan.

There's a reason Reagan won 91% of the electoral vote.

There's a reason Carter won only six states and the District of Columbia.

The reason is his presidency and administration was a failure, an absolute, full-blown and complete failure - the likes of which the U.S. had never seen. Voters, including waves of Democrats, rejected Carter and his Administration.

No one - other than Bill Clinton's presidency and administration - has done more damage to the U.S., our allies and the international community than Jimmy Carter's pathetic one-term presidential stint.


Informational Sources:
Wikipedia: Jimmy Carter
Answers.com: Jimmy Carter

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it's pretty sad when the worst president for the last, well since lbj, calls you the worst prez ever, and he's right. oooh that hurts.
Too bad Carter felt intimidated into backing off his statement because it's absolutely true. Bush is the worse president in American history. I would go further and say I hope he is the worse possible president, because I would hate to think that someone could be elected who would be even worse. But Carter backed off. He is, after all, 80 or more. Right? A little frail, perhaps. But his judgment is still more sound than most Republicans half his age.
I'm glad you called Carter the "worst president...since lbj," especially for the other commenter, vigilante to read.

All I did was write about the truth of the Carter term, the inflation, energy crisis, hostage crisis, U/E rate, etc.

Anyone who wants to return to those times, raise your hands.I haven't had anyone comment or tell me they do.
Vigilante - appreciate your taking time to comment.

We're going to agree to disagree on what we subjectively think of the Carter Presidency.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you'll return often.
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