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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Spoke With Rush Limbaugh Today

I did - I spoke with Rush on his program today. Every so often, from time to time - on a number of different days and over the course of months - I'd try dialing his 800 # and it's always busy. Always. But today, I got lucky and got through.

My topic of discussion was that of the television series "24" and if Rush thought the show had Jumped The Shark. If you were listening, yeah - that was me - Dave from Saint Paul speaking with Rush at about 36 minutes into the third hour of his show. We spoke for six or seven minutes and he's really a great guy to have a conversation with.

I'm thisclose to deciding that "24" is precipitously close to Jumping The Shark. Here's why - and if you haven't watched last night's episode yet then don't read any further because "spoilers" follow:

- Another attack on CTU Headquarters? CTU HQ has been attacked at least two times in previous seasons. I hate to say it, but this premise is wearing thin.

- We (the audience) were just getting used to the character of Milo played by Eric Balfour and last night he takes a fatal gunshot to the head? (This was especially harsh coming off the deaths of Tony Almeda, Edgar and Michelle). Come on...why couldn't they have killed off the character of Audrey Raines?... The Audrey character is second only to that of the thankfully dead Nina Myers character in terms of being irritating and a pain in the arse.

- I don't have anything against actress Kim Raver, but the character of Audrey is just sooooooo nauseating. She was supposed to be dead and then her character is revived. Beware of all "off-screen" deaths on television and film because any character that "dies off screen" can always return.

-The relationships between Morris and Chloe O'Brian and that of Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes...bordering far too closely on being a soap opera.

- I knew 20 minutes into last night's episode that it was Jack's dad, Phillip Bauer, who was pulling the strings of Cheng Zhi.

- Finally, from the beginning of this season I've suspected that we will find out that Josh is not Jack's nephew, but is in fact his son. We'll know for sure (or not!) soon.

Earlier this year I predicted the death of the character of Jack Bauer. Although I'm no longer predicting this will happen, it won't surprise me if it did.

Rush made the point that the expectations for "24" are incredibly high and intense and I don't doubt that for a second. Others have written they felt the show Jumped The Shark a couple months ago.

We could be being set-up for the on-screen death of Jack Bauer and, come next season, the "new" Bauer will be Mike Doyle, the character played by Rick Schroder. Yes, this would be very hard for Bauer fans to accept, but it would definitely remove all vestiges and accusations of "24" Jumping The Shark.


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