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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hillary...MrsSatan Eliminates
"Rodham" Name

The next President of the U.S. has decided to cease and desist using her maiden name of "Rodham" as a candidate:

    New York Sen. and potential 2008 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has apparently dropped her maiden name Rodham in her bid for the White House.

    Although, the junior senator from New York still uses all three names on official New York-focused Senate press releases, her presidential campaign press releases and campaign website refer to her as Hillary Clinton, making no mention of her maiden name Rodham.

    Despite the change, Clinton campaign officials have denied the omission as any sort of strategic decision, saying there was no plan behind the name drop.

    When asked by reporters if the decision to omit Rodham from her campaign website and press release was a strategic one, Howard Wolfson, a top communications adviser to Clinton, said, "That's a fair question, but there's no plan behind it."

    The name game is nothing new for the former first lady. After the Clintons moved into the White House in January 1993, a Gallup Poll gauged the American public's reaction to Clinton's decision to go by "Hillary Rodham Clinton" instead of "Hillary Clinton."

"...there's no plan behind it." Nooooooooooooo...none...not at all. I'm certain no Gallup poll suggested that she do this. Ride the coattails of her rapist husband? Naaaw, she's her own woman, right?

Maybe she dropped the "ham" because it would be considered offensive by voters who practice Islam?

Gee, who knows, maybe Albert Gore, Junior, will change his last name to Clinton and enter the race.

If you believe MrsSatan's dropping of "Rodham" has "no plan behind it"... I have lovely, beautiful ocean front, sandy beach property to sell you that is located in Colorado.


Why Mr. Drake,

You are such a cynic... Of course there was no plan, no triangulating, no attempt to bamboozle the American Citizens. Oh and that property you're advertising...
Sorry Mr. Howard, your comment is rejected and will not be published. It's nothing personal, believe me.

If you want to buy advertising space on my blog to promote your candidacy I'd be more than pleased to discuss this with you. But if I publish your comment promoting your campaign then I may indeed have to do it for all other candidates who are running.

While I wish you the very best in your campaign, I cannot in good faith and fairness publish your comment promoting your candidacy.

Thank you for understanding.
ARC - heh, cynicism and sarcasm go hand in hand.

What's that word....oh yeah, they're synergistic!
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