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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bush Approval Ratings Better
Than Those Of Congress


A crisp, new Gallup Poll finds that Congress receives only a 29% approval rating from the public while Bush receives a 33% approval rating.

    According to the May 10-13, 2007, Gallup Poll, 29% of Americans approve and 64% disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. Congressional approval is down 4 percentage points since last month, and is 3 points lower than the 32% average measured during the first five months of the year.

Now, for you math-impaired Liberals who still falsely believe that Kerry received better grades in school than Bush, I want to let you know that the 29% approval rating of Congress is lower than...meaning LESS THAN....that of President Bush's approval rating of 33%.

This is because 33 is what we call a BIGGER, LARGER number than 29.

The results of this poll clearly mean that the American People disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job more than they do of the way Bush is doing his.

All Clear?


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