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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"All Democrats are vile,
vile filthy subhumans."

"All Democrats are vile, vile filthy subhumans."

What do you think of that statement? Is it a fair assessment of all Democrats? Are all Democrats - each and every one of them - vile, filthy sub-humans? Is it fair to lump all Democrats into the same category and call all of them "vile, filthy subhumans"?

When anyone attempts to dehumanize an entire group of people, is it not analogous to Adolf Hitler's propaganda in dehumanizing the Jews? One you dehumanize a person or group of people, then getting the rest of the population to hate them and kill them is easy. This is what Hitler did.

When a certain class or group of people are promoted and identified as being "subhuman", does it not encourage discrimination, prejudice and bigotry that these people be treated as being less
equal and having less rights than those who are not members of this class or group?

Does a statement like, "All Democrats are vile, vile filthy subhumans", border on hatred, emboldening and encouraging others to mistreat, denigrate and abuse the "subhumans"?

Do you think that anyone who would say, "All Democrats are vile, vile filthy subhumans" has their head screwed on right?

Would you think that some who said this is a intelligent, legitimate and reasoned individual? Would the speaker of these words be someone that others should listen to and and take seriously?

What do you think of this?

I have just one disclaimer to add to all the above. I took some poetic license with the above statement.

For you see, the actual statement that was said is this:

"All Republicans are vile, vile filthy sub-humans."

And the person who said it was Liberal Radio Super-Freak Mike Malloy, spoken on May 1, 2007, at 41 minutes into the third hour of his NOVA M radio program.

NOVA M Radio - what a joke. The acronym stands for
Not One Verified Audience Member.

Hell is waiting for you Mike - why are you disappointing Satan by delaying your arrival? Satan is waiting to repeatedly anally rape you Mike, until you bleed like a river from your pucker hole. And then the pain and the agony will really start!

When Malloy buys the final dirt nap, my blog will be un-updated for a few weeks because I'll be too drunk to blog. I'll be too busy celebrating the death of this decrepit, hate-filled and vile subhuman.



you nailed it, Malloy is a despicable subhuman of the worst kind. He's jealous that Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity and others have bigger and wider audiences than he does. This is only part of his bitterness, I worked with him in Chicago at WLS way back when and he was a bitter old man then.

The reason Rush and others have wider audiences is because they have something Malloy doesn't have - namely talent. Malloy thinks he's ENTITLED to the same demos without having to work for it. Sadly, he is wrong.

Keep up the good work Dave. Maybe start another blog called MalloyWatch?
You worked with The Rotting Corpse at WLS and lived to tell of it? Heh - good for you.

Agree his "talent", if you want to call it that, doesn't approach the likes of those on Conservative Radio.

Cool info, thanks Accordian Expert!
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