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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Have Liberals Done For The Troops?

    Since the Liberals manage to find any and all resources they need to criticize and protest the war - and really, the Military in general - I thought I’d ask just a few simple questions to the Liberal crowd that embraces pacifism, nonaggression and submission, oh…except when it comes to keying a car with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on it. Then this crowd of pacifists manifests their violent behavior.

    Here are the questions the Liberals need to answer:

    What have you done - what one thing have you done - to provide even the slightest comfort item to any member of our Military?

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i cannot speak for all liberals, but i can say neither democrats or republicans got our young men body armor soon enough. their parents had to bitch for it to get it, i remember several parents buying armored vests and sending them over themselves, do you?

i did this for them and got an awful lot of emails from iraq vets saying thanks:


you can harm our boys by inaction, and you can also harm them by putting them someplace they should never be, like vietnam for instance, or ..you know..the i word.

i tip my hat to you often, but why limit yourself by slapping a label on all liberals? why not focus on finding a solution and sharing it with everybody? i try that frequently, and would not mind the help. from anyone. if your ideology is so much better, present good working examples of it and sane people will line up to follow you. (the 2 or 3 left in the country.)

obviously nobody is using your ideology right now because things really suck, and i am sure you could only improve things dave.
I appreciate and am truly humbled by what you wrote. I don't disagree much with anything you said.

My point is a simple one: the Left (the Lunatic Fringe of the Democrat party, moveon.org; the Sheehan bunch; the Pelosi-Murtha-Reid crowd) and the people who voted for them have spent the last four plus years doing nothing but not-supporting the Troops. They have found time to kvetch, bitch and complain about every goddamned thing about the war. What have they done to provide the most minimal comfort item to our Troops? Maybe some have taken time from their hate-spewing rhetoric and made a donation. I thanked those that did in the last paragraph. But I will bet you dinner at the finest steak house anywhere that the Libs who did this are is the extreme minority.

I'm not slapping the liberal label on all Liberals. As I've said before, the 5% of moveoner's, Sheehans, KoS and that crowd give every Democrat a bad name. The media does nothing to make any distinction between the two either. Why should I?

No war goes according to plan, I don't care who the president is or which country it is that declares war. War is made, the plans, the back-up plans, and the contingency back-up plan all go out the window.

Iraq shoud have been "hit" harder from the very start. Instead, it began as a kinder, gentler war with absurd Rules of Engagement that applied only to the U.S. and its allies. These ROEs are still pretty much in place.

War isn't pretty and it is indeed a last resort. Why we didn't go in with full barrels blazing and a "sorry for the collateral damage but that shit happens" attitude is beyond me.

Ask Harry Truman about collateral damage.

I thank and repect your comment more than you could know.
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