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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Gun Facts

"Firearm-related crime has plummeted since 1993, then slightly increased in 2005." WHO SAID THAT? The U.S. Department of Justice; Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Look at their Chart and then look at the Number Crunching. Again, worth repeating, "firearm-related crime has plummeted since 1993, then slightly increased in 2005."

Scroll down this page and read the part titled OFFENDERS:
"Or an illegal source for 80%." Hmmmmmm, why, that doesn't sound like something a legal, law-abiding gun owner or even an upstanding non-gun owner citizen would do, does it?

And THIS CHART - oh, THIS CHART is really interesting. Note the jump up in gun crimes in...in....(ahem) the year 1993 and how that trend took ever so long to diminish.

Gee, I wish...I wish the heck I could remember who was the president in 1993. I'm pretty sure whoever he was was sworn into office in January...and coincidentally at the same time, gun crime rates skyrocketed. Oh....if I could only remember who was the president back then? Can anyone help me out? Do you know who I'm talking about...you know, that guy....that guy....yeah...him.

By the way, if what happened at VT is Bushs' fault, Clinton can take the blame for Columbine and Oklahoma City, to name just two.


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