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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reactions To Virginia Tech

The following are excerpts from comments about the Virginia Tech massacre from Sky News Web Log. The comments section is "closed", meaning no new comments can be added. There are many comments and they represent the full spectrum on the issue of "gun control" and personal responsibility:

"The gun control argument fails completely in cases like this. A gun-free zone, such as a college campus, proves that banning weapons does not work. You had dozens of people at the mercy of a madman, the only one on campus who was armed."
- Posted by: Joe, Boston, MA, USA
- - -
"A gun is only a tool, much like a hammer or screwdriver. It only does what the person holding it does with it."
- Posted by: Matt - North Carolina, USA
- - -
"Guns in the US - yes it is real easy - when I first arrived it was one heck of a job to get a mobile phone - no credit record - they said. Gun - no problem."
- Posted by: Andy - Alabama
- - -
"I think the USA needs to take a long hard look at yourselves & you’re out dated constitution.
With this sad loss of live at V Tech the students/teachers/employee's of V Tech & people who live in the state of Virginia should use this opportunity to help stop this atrocity happening again.

"You should hold a mass demonstration to force the Virginia state governor to go to your President Bush & force him to amend your constitution to stop this outrage happening again at another school/campus else where in the USA."
- Posted by: Edward london [sic]
- - -
"Sad ..but how many people have Americans killed in Irag [sic], Afghanistan etc etc..the world does not feel sorry anymore!"
- Posted by: P Makhecha- Surrey
- - -
"america [sic] the most civilised country in the world."
- Posted by: ken, southampton [sic]
- - -
"These students were left defenseless against a deranged madman who obtained his weapons illegally. They were sacrifised [sic] due to the political correct idealism of, 'If we ban guns, then no one will use them.'

"We banned guns in the UK and now they are easier to get hold of and gun crime has rocketed."
- Posted by: Ken Hall, Barrow-in Furness, UK


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