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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MrsSatan Banned In China!

I join at least two of my fine blog colleagues, Len, at Rite Turn Only and Layla, at The Hill Chronicles in being blocked in China! Hoo-Ray! Finally! I wear this as a badge of honor!

The first time I entered my URL into the Great Firewall (Firewarrrrrr?) of Chiner I wasn't blocked. But lo and behold, a few weeks later and sure enough...MrsSatan is banned.

So, is your site or blog banned in China? Check it out! Just enter your URL and wait a few moments for the result.

LOSER! LPLI is pumping straight through to the slanty eyed weasels.

(actually quite amazing with the attacks i have sent their way.)
I, too, am blocked. Wow, no wonder I'm not getting more hits!
Yeah, my Chinese readers are blocked too. Bummer.
Used to have 25-30 of them a day come through.
REV, you're still accessable in China because you're a Commie...admit it.

(Joking my friend, just joking - you KNOW that).
Hi Bob - it's strange because I get hits from China on my stats. It must be the gov't monitoring my anti-Chinese posts. Maybe they don't like Hirrrrrrrareeeee?!?!?!
Heh - Dick....I'm shocked every country hasn't banned you for your famous "Don't Click Here" links. Oh, how I have learned to not click on those. Well....some of the time ;-)
Welcome to the club!!

I was actually quite amused by the fact they would make an effort to ban my little site.

The results are not fool-proof though as they utilize only one server for the test.
Hi Len -

China is banning everyone. Well, except for Rev. Gisher....he's paying them off with truckloads of cash!!

Agree, the results are not fool-proof, but it's enjoyable to see who is and is not blocked!
David, I am banned also. Since all of us are banned this would be a good time to talk behind their backs.
hey Bryan, it's a badge of honor, isn't it? Congratulations and welcome to the club!
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