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Friday, February 02, 2007

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
Exhibits Those Good Olde Fashioned
Democrat Family Values!

San Fran Mayor, Gavin Newsom (above) has an affair with his manager's wife:

    Mayor Gavin Newsom apologized Thursday for having a sexual relationship with his former campaign manager's wife.

    "I'm deeply sorry," Newsom said during a brief news conference at City Hall the day after the aide resigned. Newsom appeared poised but visibly emotional. He spoke for about a minute and left without taking questions.

    Alex Tourk, 39, resigned Wednesday after confronting his boss about his relationship with his wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, 34, who once worked as the mayor's appointment secretary.

Whoa...wait, wait...Newsom had an affair with a woman? Is that allowed in San Francisco? Is heterosexual sex still legal in San Fran?

Newsom posted the below Mea Culpa on his web site:

He'll probably soon announce entering into some sort of rehab for alcohol or drug addiction, right?

ICE folks these Dems are, aren't they? Shtoop your manager's wife? Oh, those Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Family Values! Aw, heck, it's just sex. And with a woman...in San Francisco?!?!? Maybe the times they really are a changin'?


The New York Times called Molly Ivins today "caustic." Isn't that your tag line?

You're just like her.

Well, that goes to prove how wrong the NYT always is, because she's "dead" and "caustic". My journalistic integrity requires that I be fair.

Good to hear from you Don!
Ah, you need to be a Republican to cheat on your wife with a man! you should know that! :P
Josiah, that you for proving my point that liberals have no sense of humor.
Why are you bothering with that pissant josiah?
EC - heh - pissant....good descriptive word. I'm all through with her asinine comments since she ripped on a soldier in a previous posted comment and then said she has no use for the military in an unpublished comment. yep, until a islamfascist tried to slice her head off, then she'd be screaming for someone to help her. Typical, effeminate little pus-bag. E-mail me, and I'll forward her unpublished comments if you wish. Thanks for stopping by and commenting EC.
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