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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

RT Ryback Back At The State Trough

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak once again returns to the State Trough asking for State money to fight city crime in Minneapolis. Why, no money, RT? Spent it all fighting those villainous cigarette smokers?

From WCCO News:

    "Minneapolis faces a serious public safety challenge that requires us to continue to make significant investments to fight crime," said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak on Tuesday, in a plea directed at Minnesota Legislators to restore local government aid to the city.

Yeah, well - at least no one has to breathe Second-Hand Smoke in Minneapolis, right? Everyone knows Second-Hand Smoke harms far more people than the occasional bullet or act of violent crime.

Minneapolis decided to spend money on a high-tech crime fighting device, the
Shotspotter, a device that:

    ...utilizes patented technology to detect weapons-fire events over large, complex environments. ShotSpotter products range from systems for public safety agencies and 911 dispatch centers (which instantly identify, locate and give a visual of the location of a gunshot....

While costs for the ShotSpotter can vary from city to city, KARE-TV reports, "The total cost of equipment and installation for ShotSpotter in south and north Minneapolis is about $325,000."

Boston has just approved $1.5 Million for their ShotSpotter system.

Soooooooo....I take it the Minneapolis "Peace Bus" and Lemonade Stands aren't the Criming Fighting tools that Minneapolis thought they would be?

And of course we have to consider the words of the great Minneapolis Star Tribune Sports Nonagenarian Sid Hartman, who says that all you need to combat crime is having large crowds of people. Why, who knew it was so simple!

Minneapolis and Saint Paul receive state funding for crime. Just last month, when State Republicans told both Rybak and St. Paul Mayor Kommissar Chris Coleman to "Use all their State Aid to make their streets safer," the response from both mayors was, "Butt out!"

How each city and its Mayor and City Council decide to spend it is their choice. Instead of spending it where it really needs to be spent - perhaps on hiring more Police Officers, especially those on street patrol - they spend it on non-human technology. Now, I'm not saying that the ShotSpotter doesn't have a purpose or that is doesn't help, in some way, to combat crime. But if you're the victim of a crime, who do you want helping you; an Officer or non-human technology?

Yeah, well - at least no one has to breathe Second-Hand Smoke in Minneapolis, right?


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