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Sunday, February 04, 2007

One Hit News

Hundreds of ice fishers rescued off the coast of Russia, BBC:

    Boats and helicopters were used to reach the stranded anglers off Sakhalin island in the Sea of Okhotsk.


    ...the ice supporting the anglers - said to include women and children - broke free in a number of places in Mordvinov bay, on the south-east coast of Sakhalin. Pushed by strong winds, it began drifting out to sea.

I'm sure the ice breakage is absolutely and undebatably due to global warming "climate change".
- - - - -
Florida Tornadoes: A slide-show gallery of damage. Sky News
- - - - -

French President Jacques Chirac (pictured above) regrets his words that it would not be very dangerous for Iran to possess a bomb or two. BBC

Jock then lit a cigarette and waved a white flag.
- - - - -
Man released from jail after serving six years of a life term. His crime? He was a Christian caught using a Muslim-Only Restroom. VOM News

    Shahbaz was arrested in June 2001 after he used the bathroom at a mosque. "Qari Rafique, the head of the mosque, asked him why he was using the toilet that was adjacent to the mosque."

- - - - -
Chicago mother leaves her one-year old infant daughter in car during freezing cold while shopping. WLS

    Police responding to a 911 call yesterday evening found the infant in the back seat of a locked car in a supermarket parking lot. Officers said the child was crying...

- - - - -
United Nations still trying to foist Global Warming Climate Chang The Sky Is Falling Fallacy onto gullible nations. BBC

    the panel concluded that it was at least 90% certain that human emissions of greenhouse gases rather than natural variations are warming the planet's surface.

he weather for next week can't even be remotely predicted accurately, let alone one, five or twenty years from now. Let's call this what it is: An attempt by Liberals on a global scale to weaken the economy of industrialized countries and assess a "carbon tax" so the UN can pay off poverty stricken people when their Blue Helmets kill and rape children.
- - - - -
Will the new UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon be as anti-American as his predecessor, the Always Defiant and Corrupt Kofi Annan? Ohmy News

    Secretaries general of the United Nations have a well-known tradition: they have had to rely on strong U.S. backing to win the job. The U.N. may be seeing another tradition formed by two of its most recent ex-chiefs: they displayed an increasingly visible relationship breakdown with the U.S. toward the end of their term.

- - - - -
Norway seeks to "stop foreigners deemed a threat to national security from having the option of pursuing their case through the court system." Aftenposten

Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm sure civil (and uncivil) libertarians around the world will think it terrible that Norway - or any other country - would want to expel trouble-makers and potential terrorists.
- - - - -
Quit your belly-aching that it's cold where you are, especially if you're in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana or somewhere in the South or Southwest because...you're wussies. THIS is COLD!

YIKES! I so do not miss Duluth/Superior. I just got back from walking my dog on the beach. Viva Global Warming!
Climate Change Mrs. Nesbitt...the Libs changed it to Climate Change because Global Warming wasn't getting the emotional unroar they needed to forward their 'Agender'!
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