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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Non-Binding Resolutions - What They Good For? (Grunt!) Absolutely Nothin' !

It seems the Senate Democrats have their panties all in a bundle because the Republicans used a tactical maneuver that the Democrats have liberally used themselves in the past. And by golly, the Democrats don't like it. "Oh, Dat's So Sad."

I think it's great that Republicans offered the Democrats the opportunity to debate their Non-Binding Resolution and they turned the Republicans down flat! All that was being asked of the Democrats was for them to bring all their cards to the table, but no, the Dems want their cake and want to eat it, too. So the Republicans, using the same strategy and tactics that Democrats have employed when THEY have been the minority party, gets the CommieCrats all riled up. Apparently the Dems don't like it when they have to drink their own Kool-Aid. Oh How Rich...How Creamy, gooey, chocolaty, nougat-filled Rich!

We need to ask ourselves why the Dems are so fixated - so preoccupied - so obsessed - with their stupid Non-Binding resolution. The Dems, with their inherent 20-20 tunnel vision, cannot and will not abandon their ridiculous and absurd Non-Binding resolution. This Non-Binding resolution is as meaningless and as vapid as the Democrat party itself.

Why do you suppose that is? Is it for the good of the Troops? Does it support them somehow? Is it for the good of the country? Is it good for of the Iraqi? Is it a morale booster? Or is it, for no other reason, a political ploy meant only to sustain their political livelihood?

The Dems have made their point; they don't support the Troops, the War, the President, Iraq, the Mission or any proposal or idea offered by anyone other than themselves. They've always operated like this, it's no mystery.

If the Democrats mean what they say, why settle for a Non-Binding resolution? Instead, go ahead Dems - put on your Big Boy Pants and pony up to the bar with a Binding Resolution to defund the Military. Why, if you are so solidly backed by the American People - as you so habitually claim - then you should have the courage to put your Binding Resolution yanking Military funding up to a 'Yea or Nay' vote. Why pussyfoot around with a Non-Binding Resolution? Why? So the Dems can play both sides of the issue; so they don't have to commit themselves one way or the other and can escape from being held responsible and accountable for their actions.

We have a group of politicians, the Democrats, who - as they always have - stand for absolutely nothing (except Taxing and Spending, of course). They are afraid to take a firm stand by solidly backing their own dogma in cutting the funding of the Iraq War.

They are afraid of this because it would return to haunt them. They are afraid to support the War because they will pay the price of losing their constituents, let alone exposing their own hypocrisies and insincerities.

If the Democrats had a collective spine, they would make their measure to defund one that is binding. But their resolution is nothing but ornamental. They've discovered that the Republicans - at least for the time being - aren't going to contribute to this false and phony decorative Non-Binding Resolution.

No one in America can afford not to have the Republicans defending the U.S. Military. Leaving the health of the Military in the hands of the Democrats would be one of the worst things that could happen. We saw what happened and how the Military was gutted under Clinton-Gore for eight years.

I hope the Republicans hold firm on this issue. They have to, for if they cave - and we all know how often the past has proven their ability to cave - they have to know it will be the end of their party.


UPDATE: John Warner, R-VA is ready to cave. No surprise here.

Should the Republicans find themselves an even smaller minority after the 2008 election, they needn't ask how or why it happened. It will have happened because they don't play hardball politics with the Democrats. The Democrats are opponents of Republicans - enemies if you want to use a more harsh word. The Democrats, with their new-found majority, will fight like RATS backed into a corner in order to keep their majority status. They will lie, cheat, steal, sell their Grandmother and their Grandchildren in order to never be in the minority again. Until the Republicans adopt this same style of politicking, they can forget about being the majority party for decades to come. And it'll serve them right for thinking that they can compromise, bargain and negotiate with the Dems.

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