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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nanny Pelosi Has Plane Envy

She's not content with the (ahem) size of her (ahem) plane. Plane Envy!

Nanny Pelosi already has a plane at her disposal - as well as security, protection and means of communication - since she is Speakeress Of the House. But no, she's not content with it, she wants to keep up with the Joneses Bushes and Cheneys.

She wants to be able to take her entourage with her. She thinks she's a Rock Star or Rapper!

Hasn't anyone pointed out to her the wasteful carbon footprint she'll be leaving on the environment with a large plane? Maybe Albert Gore, Jr. needs to have a tete-a-tete with her explaining how her Plane Envy would so negatively impact our precious limited natural resources.

How does her having a bigger, more expensive, plane fit into the Dems plan of cutting waste in Washington?

This isn't about her safety, being third in line for the White House. She can have all the safety measures any politician needs with a Gulfstream.

Denny Hastert, former Speaker, would often take a car from DC home to Illinois. He also flew via a C-20B. This isn't good enough for Queen Pelosi?

Nanny Pelosi wants her own Military Plane, at the expense of the taxpayers; Black Gold, Texas Tea. Who does she think she is?
It's not about the security and it's not about communication. Nanny wants the Key to the Executive Restroom. She has (ahem) Plane Envy.

Give her the keys to a used Prius. That's all she deserves. Let her drive from DC to California.

I guess the title Speakeress of The House has worn off. Now she wants to be Queen Pelosi.


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