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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend Television Highlights

Always Remember To Check You Local Listings For Times and Channels:

"It's Not About You, Charlie Brown!" (Saturday, NBC)
Shelved and unseen by the public for 20 years, this controversial "Peanuts" animated cartoon returns to annual television rotation. When Charlie throws a temper tantrum for attention, the rest of the kids tell him to "Get Bent" and ignore him. Snoopy dies, reuniting everyone. Viewer Discretion Advised.

"The Stupid Student" (Sunday, CW)
A new reality-based program where elementary school underachievers are endlessly ridiculed and taunted by the smarter kids. Teachers try to guess which underachiever will grow up to be dysfunctional adults. Hosted by Russell Crowe.

"Who's The New C*nt?" (Sunday, FOX)
Set during the years well before political correctness and laws against sexual harassment, this groundbreaking sit-com is set in an employment office where the corporate officers are all men and their subordinates are all curvy, attractive and unmarried women. Starring William Shatner whose character, Eddie, utters the program's title every seven seconds. Viewer Discretion Advised.

"Here Come The French!" (Saturday, PBS)
Part 1 of a 25 Part Series: Furturists discuss and explore various scenarios whereby the United States, fully socialized by Democrats, surrenders and completely capitulates to France.

The Lawrence Welk Show (Saturday, Reruns on PBS)
"A 1971 Salute To Negro Spirituals: Songs We Probably Shouldn't Be Singing"
Guy and Ralna perform a blackface routine recreating Amos and Andy repartee and songs. Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer sings "Where Did My Mandingo Go?", Bobby and Sissy dance to music that they are completely unfamiliar with. White folks in Welk's audience politely pretend to appreciate the music and the program's theme. Viewer Discretion Advised.

"CRAP!" (Sunday, NBC)
Sit-com premiere starring Alec Baldwin as Alec, a character who was once a sought after actor, but who now only gets bit-parts in movies and whose television series are routinely and regularly canceled after only a few episodes.

"Don't Bogart My Blog" (Sunday, FOX)
Reality-based series hosted by Bryan and Don that puts twenty bloggers, ten conservatives and ten liberals, all together living in the same house. Challenges include: "Sway Me With Facts", "Prove You're Not A NeoCon!", and perhaps the ultimate contest: "Now Everyone Must Switch Their Political Ideology By 180 Degrees". Len referees, making sure Canadian Game Rules and Regulations are applied and obeyed.


hee. CRAP!
Hahaha! Me a ref? Actually I used to be a ref/story line writer in a small wresting promotion up here.
Ken, sure...heck...you'd be on TV! Heh!! Someone has to oversee the Canadian rules for "Don't Bogart My Blog"...and you're the first name that came to mind.
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