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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One Hit News

Remembering President Gerald Ford:

* What Ford Did Was Right;

* His Legacy Lies In His Personal Character;

* His American Values.
- - - - -

Kenya Tightens Up; Closed its border with Somalia to halt [influx of] defeated Islamic militias. BBC
- - - - -

Al Anbar Province Becoming More Optimistic. CENTCOM - My apologies for my lateness in once again getting out the good news that CENTCOM provides.
- - - - -
Myanmar youths Addicted To Gaming, Myanmar Times:

    Players gather at game centres throughout Yangon and pay an hourly fee to log onto a computer and join in the fun.

    "I became crazy about network games when I was 16 and now I play on a regular basis," said one [customer].

    The gamers also agreed that adult fears about players taking the violence from the games out into the streets were unfounded.

    "I'm happy to see my enemies get stuck to death while I'm playing the games, but I won't bring such violence into the real world because killing goes against my commitment as a Buddhist," ” Mg Nay Lin Zaw said.

- - - - -
Dog that attacked and killed 5-year old girl was Banned, pit bull terrier-type. Sky News

Laws Banning Aggressive Dogs Not Being Enforced. Sky News
- - - - -
Retailers Fear Increase in Legal Age for Cigarette Smoking, South Wales:

    "I'm all for trying to stop youngsters smoking, but whether raising the age will make a difference is questionable," she said. "Theoretically it should, but of course all things are theoretical," [said Wendy Fitzgerald, Swansea Council's cabinet member for social services].

- - - - -
Here Comes The Political Right, Aftenposten:

    Only 33.5 percent of voters believe the governing left-center coalition will manage to retain their majority.

- - - - -
And HEY! --- That UFO at Chicago's O'Hare Airport that so many people say they saw, and so many other people say, "no, you people didn't see what you think you saw!" Well, it turns out that what they say was:

    ....was a weather phenomenon.

Yeah, it looks just like a
weather phenomenon. Cue "X-Files" Music, now!
- - - - -

The Real Issue At Duke, Thomas Sowell;

    "...Nifong knew back in April that there was no DNA from any of the Duke University lacrosse players found on the body of the stripper who accused them of rape..."

    What was really damning was that [Nifong] had agreed to keep this fact secret, despite requirements that exculpatory evidence be turned over to the defense. Moreover, last May District Attorney Nifong filed a statement saying that the prosecution "is not aware of any additional material or information which may be exculpatory in nature."

    But he already knew what the DNA evidence was before he signed that statement.

Hillary Clinton The Warrior, Jim Kouri

    "...she had no problem sending our soldiers and Marines to their deaths -- in a war she really didn't believe in -- just to garner future votes in a presidential election..."

    Hillary knows that calling for 100,000 more soldiers is a winning proposition, the same way her husband's invisible 100,000 more cops on the streets played well for his reelection.

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