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Saturday, January 13, 2007

MN Senate and House Eat Well, Very Well!

Members of both the MN House and Senate - both Houses occupied overwhelming by a majority of DemocRATS - voted themselves a bump-up in their daily meal allowance.

State Senators are now reimbursed up to $96/day on meals, up from $66/day. State House Representatives can be reimbursed up to $77/day for meals.
Yes it is, Mr. Buesgens, yes it is. But you don't want your Democrat colleagues to starve to death, do you?

The MN Legislature is in session approximately 140 days of the year.

$96 x 140 days = $13,440
$77 x 140 days = $10,780

Nice bump in addition to their salaries of $31,XXX some thousand dollars per year (session, really) and the myriad of all their other perks.

Senate Majority Leader, DemocRAT Larry Pogemiller said he doesn't consider the meal pay increase a "backdoor" pay increase. "It's reasonable to expect that members be reimbursed for reasonable expenses," said Pogemiller, a true trendsetting Tax And Spender.

Here's the Real Kicker: No receipt or proof of meal purchase is required for reimbursement . So you can just take that daily meal allowance and put in your pocket!

Just hop on board the meal reimbursement train. Mmmmmm-mmmmmmmm good, isn't it, DemocRATS?

Are you sure you can survive on only $96 and $77 per day for meals? IS that enough? I wouldn't want to see my representatives dumpster diving behind the Capitol between sessions and hearings.


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