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Friday, January 05, 2007

Mamma Pelosi Is In The House!
Time To Rock 'N' Roll!

You know that Linear Standard, right? I may not call it that every time I write about it, but that Linear Standard is the standard that is so often the point of what I publish here. The standard that Liberals apply to everyone else...except themselves. Yeah, THAT Standard.

This is how it works, at least with these most recent examples:

Nancy Pelosi's little "I am The Speaker" speech and her grandchildren running around like inbred, feral children is greeted as so precious and cute, even when one of the little Fucktards was jumping up and down on the seats. Oh, my - that's so precious and cute, remarks The Left!

Oh, but Supreme Court Justice John Roberts' children present at his swearing-in ceremony? The reaction of The Left: "Uh! Those uncontrollable and diversionary Little, Undisciplined Ingrates!"

More Examples Of How The Left Selectively Applies The Linear Standard To Come, which shouldn't be too long, considering the frequency of the Liberals in demonstrating and exploiting it.


This is scary...

Last time a Dem dyke on a power trip said it was, "For the children," the kids all died in the fire.
Very Halloween Blood Curdling Scary!
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