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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let The DeFunding Of The Military Begin!

(With profuse apologies to "South Park" and Turd Sandwich!)

Turd Kennedy declared his desire to defund the War Effort and seek to restrain Executive Orders of the Commander In Chief in a Speech At Today's National Press Club:

    President Bush should not be permitted to escalate the war further, and send an even larger number of our troops into harm's way, without a clear and specific new authorization from Congress.

    ...legislation that we will introduce today is brief but essential. It requires the President to obtain approval from Congress before he sends even more American soldiers to Iraq. And it prohibits the President from spending taxpayer dollars on such an escalation unless Congress approves it.

Ohio's Congressman, DemocRAT Dennis Kucinich - (who's currently on his Third Marriage, for those of you on the Left who seem to enjoy heckling Conservatives who have a divorce or two in their background - oh, Hypocrisy, Thy Name Once Again Is Liberal!) - weighs in with his timely plan for Iraq ...all 2,800 and some words of it.

Let me sum up the Kucinich plan: Cut Funding. Cut and Run. Hope Situation in Iraq Doesn't Go To Hell When We Leave. Spend Lots More Money For The 'Goodwill' Of Our Enemies.

And, good Socialist that he is, Denny adds:

    Prepare an international security and peacekeeping force to move in, replacing US troops who then return home. The UN has an indispensable role to play here, but cannot do it as long as the US is committed to an occupation. The UN is the only international organization with the ability to mobilize and the legitimacy to authorize troops.

Yeah, the UN will save us. Trust Denny, he's on his third marriage. He knows how to work things out.

It's hard to pin down where Milk Man and Real Estate Mogul - (and one of Nevada's Senators in his spare time), DemocRAT Harry Reid is on the Increase of Troops. At least, like all good Liberals, at this exact moment. He was against the War and for Cut and Run during the Campaign. But a few days ago he said he support a limited increase in Troops. Now, he's back to saying:

    he'll "look at everything" in an effort to wind down the war. That does not include cutting off support for troops already deployed.

Where will Harry be on this issue five minutes from now? Who knows. He'll Flip-Flop on this issue indefinitely.

Nancy Peloshit sounds as if she is returning to her previous Flip-Flopped views in threatening using Defunding the Military as a political tool:

    "The burden is on the president to justify any additional resources for a mission," said Pelosi, D-Calif. "Congress is ready to use its constitutional authority of oversight to question what is the justification for this spending, what are the results we are receiving."

I dunno, I don't understand her. When have Democrats ever implemented or tied results to either determining the quality of something or to quantify spending money? Why, I thought Democrats believed in spending money first - and lots of it - and then determining the results? Did I have them wrong?

Barbara Boxer, D-California (proving even really, really stupid people like Boxer can get elected to office as long as they hang a D after their name), said she would like to see a congressional vote on whether Bush can send in additional troops:

    " I think it would be best for the country if we got to vote on that surge or escalation."

NY DemocRAT Congressman Jerrold Fatler, (that stomach stapling he had done to lose weight doesn't look like it did much good,), is all ready to cut funding:

    "I would cut off funds", to stop it.

Their behavior is appalling. To even suggest cutting the funding as a means to achieve what is nothing more than their own political ideology is revolting. The people above say what they say because they just cannot, and never will, get past their hatred of Bush, Republicans and Any Idea That's Not Their Own.

Connecticut INDEPENDENT Senator Joe Lieberman is A lone voice in the Wilderness:

    "Senators have a right to (cut funding)," Lieberman said. "Again, I think it would be wrong both on the merits and even in terms of the wisest conduct of the war to cut off a president, as commander in chief when he's attempting to do something that he and a lot of others believe can help us succeed."

Lieberman gets it. Most of the rest of them don't. Kennedy, Boxer and others are not the Co-Commanders In Chief. They don't get to make decisions that are exclusive to the Executive Branch and the Commander In Chief.

On cutting Funding as a means to end the War, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said:

    "I don't want to anticipate that."

This means, of course, he is anticipating doing just that.


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