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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MrsSatan, Will She Run Or Won't She?

If anyone believes that Hillary Clinton MrsSatan ISN'T going to run for president in 2008, well...again I have some gorgeous ocean front, sandy beach property to sell you in Kansas.

All the "Will She or Won't She" rhetoric is nothing but predetermined camouflage to whet the appetites of Liberal Sycophants, especially those that are diehard MrsSatan Supporters.

There's no mystery, there's no question, there's nothing coy about the manufactured faux whirlwind surrounding the whole feigned affair of her plans to occupy the White House. It's not a cliffhanger, enigma or riddle. Why, it's not even a rebus, a puzzle or a teaser!

MrsSatan and her staffers used this same tactic of "will she run or won't she" before she officially announced her candidacy to run as the carpetbagger Senator for New York.

And today the MSM and Liberal Pants-Wetters squeal like there's something to get excited about - you know, pretending that her "indecision" in running for president is somehow newsworthy. Gawd you people are such Liberal Lemmings. Why can't you find that damn cliff?


Of course she will run--she has to! She is the wife of MR. SATAN! Then the two of them can really turn the White House into a coven!
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