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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Britney Spears Castoridae

She's young, she's cute, she's been photographed not wearing underwear.

And the Unabashed Hypocrisy from The Insane Liberal Clown Posse is in full force, criticizing her. Lefty Talk Radio Hosts can't help themselves from making fun of her or making remarks that it's inappropriate for her to allow herself to be photographed "Basic Instinct"-style.


Meanwhile, this same Lefty Crowd that criticizes Spears, never ever ever never ever appears to be offended (or if they are they never speak of it) by - oh, I don't know - say, the dental floss worn by men, women and drag queens marching in Gay Pride Parades. "You're Brave, We Love You For Who You Are," shout the Hardcore Left to the miniscule dressed parade participants.

Now, I'm not offended, nor do I particularly care, that Spears was photographed not wearing underwear. Nor do I care about what marchers in Pride Parades wear, or what they don't wear.

But you Lefties out there, every day you reach a new high in your level of hypocrisy, setting a brand new standard of selective criticism. Don't you ever tire of it?


Yep..she was taking a picture while she was having her picture took..hell, I don't care if she runs around nekked all the time..but she sure got a lot of publicity out of it and for some people bad publicity beats none at all..

Thanks for the plug
Great to hear from you, Guy. She sure seems to have the Basic Instinct thing going fer her, doesnt she?
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