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Thursday, November 09, 2006

War? What War?

Is the U.S. still engaged in a war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan? I'm almost certain we are but you'd never know that by listening to Liberal Talk Radio or hearing the democratic politicians who just stole their respective races in Tuesday's election.

Where once the Liberal Talkers, just two short days ago, never let the number of dead go unmentioned for two minutes, they haven't mentioned it since the election. Was it just another faux issue for the Left to use as one of their political rhetorical tools? Of course it was. I wonder how that makes the U.S. Men and Women in the Military feel? I wonder how that makes the parents, families and loved ones feel, all of whom have sons, daughters, brothers and sisters in the Military?

The Left milked every U.S. Military death for as much mileage as they could get out each one and now they have completely abandoned and dropped the issue because it served them for nothing more than their selfish political motives and purposes. Are you Lefties proud of yourselves for exploiting the death count? You must be, because it was the only issue you latched onto, manipulated and abused from the moment the first death occurred.

The Left tried, used and abused every other issue they could think of as only a tool in their political warfare. The one, the only one, they clung to in desperation was the number of war dead hoping that it would give them an issue.

The list of Liberals who no longer mention the war dead runs from the Democratic politicians who stole elections to every Socialist Mouthpiece on Liberal Radio. Not only did they eagerly anticipate the reporting of new deaths, they also were tickled pink when reporting new deaths of Iraqis.

Let us make note of this moment because at some point in the future the Extreme Left will again ratchet up the number of war dead in their rhetoric. When this happens, we'll know they want, or are up to, something.


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