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Saturday, November 04, 2006

One Hit News

The clock ticks down for tomorrow's Verdict in the Saddam Hussein trial. Sky News
- - -
Thousands gather in London protesting "global warming
". Sky News (Don't miss the image of the "Cyclist of The Apocalypse.")
- - -
Albanians using cars and tree trunks to Keep Serbians from visiting their departed loved ones in cemeteries in honor of the Serbian religious holiday Zadušnice.
Serbia B92 News
- - -
A record number of Scots filing for bankruptcy due to credit card debt and council taxations.
The Herald
- - -
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi calls former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi "...simply an arrogant man. We resist against arrogance using democracy."
AGI Italy On Line
- - -
Norwegians account for seven percent of the world sales for the karaoke game Singstar.
- - -
Photo Gallery: Some of James Bond's weapons go on sale.
Sky News
- - -
Giant, man-eating crocodile captured and killed in Uganda.

Godzilla Sized Croc!

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